Thursday, January 6, 2011


This was crater lake I believe at the end of July last year.I lost track of time a little bit,days flow into weeks which is  flowing seamlessly into year two on the road.But I was thinking on just how much has happened over the last year on this trip,and how much is changing.

It`s been an interesting year,and a very busy week too.
For year two there are some changes coming up,a lot of changes.
For starters,i`m selling this: beloved `76 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40.
Here`s the link on Craigslist if you know anyone in the market for a go anywhere on road/off road FJ40.
I`ve had this rig for a while now,took it to Moab and never rolled it either.BUT,the money will be used to turn my two wheeler motorcycle into this:
...the three wheeled version with a sidecar.

After getting snowed in in Steamboat and not being able to ride,I had to figure out a way to be able to ride all year in all weather,including snow,otherwise i`ll be severly limited to when and where I can travel.
There are a few downsides to a sidecar,like technically it`s not a motorcycle anymore for one,but the upside if you`re going to stay on the road for a few years,which is my intention, is worth it for me.I`ve always had a thing for hacks,nearly every single one seems to have a personality all of it`s own.

Meanwhile I had shipped the panniers from the 1150 down here to Fl in December to do some work on them while visiting with me Mum.I`m adding a 5" pull-out drawer to the bottom of each one,for tools,camping stove and such.

These drawers will give me about 13 litres of extra space per drawer per pannier,in addition tools and oily stuff are out of the food and clothes boxes.

The reason for making all these changes to the bike is twofold.
The first obviously is ergonomic,they are additions that are going to make it more comfortable and safer to travel for extended periods of time,like a few years.
I have always wondered how it would have felt to be standing on the summit of the Matterhorn back in `77,since I only made it to the Hornli Hut.So,either late this year or at the latest the beginning of 2012,a Euro trip will come to fruition.If I have to work at Burger King to finance it,so be it,but like I have mentioned before,sponsorship will play a big part in this.And seeing as i`ll be in Europe,I may as well keep going over to Turkey and Nepal and try to get on a Climbing Expedition to K2.

I get so much mail from all types of riders,weekend warriors,dirt riders,long distance cruisers,guys and gals who would love to be able to do what i`m doing right now,but for whatever their reasons,just can`t.So I feel really privileged that so many people follow me and live a small part of their lives through this blog.It`s great,thank you.

And speaking of blogs,don`t forget that Motorcycle Picture Of The Day blogspot appears to be no longer,thanks to Blogger.I feel terrible for Steve having lost three years of his work,and it seems to be irretrievable.
So,for all who follow Steve also,this is his other blog,and this is the new and improved MPOTD blog.

Meanwhile,some more "Year In Review" pics from the Salt Flats in Wendover UT last year.