Monday, September 20, 2010

USFRA World Of Speed 2010 Day 3 & 4 Pictures

Racing finished on Saturday late in the afternoon with the record runs,with quite a few broken.Friday and Saturdays racing results are here and here.Nobody broke the 400 mph mark at this event,but right now the Cook Motorsports Landspeed Shootout has just started on the Salt Flats,and as I left this mornind "Speed Demon" just did a 400+ mph pass !!.The Cook Shootout is limited to only the 10 fastest vehicles in the world,5 motorcycle and 5 cars. It is a private "Invite Only" event,with the Top Speed Vehicles selected by a panel of judges.
To find out more you can go over to Jon & Nancy Wennerbergs website where he`s doing up to the minute reports.I`m not that advanced .........Yet !!.
Meanwhile i`ll post rest of the USFRA pics will be posted today and tomorrow,which will give me a little time to get some shots of the cars at the Cook Shootout.

Is it a it a plane....

No Kami,its a Volkswagen.

This is Rory Emery with his `76 2 stroke Suzuki.It`s a family affair,his son Justin and his girlfriend Baylea were there to help Dad  along with friend Tracey.When I left them they were having a hard time turning over the bike and I though I heard something about a broken con rod.Oh well.Cool people.

They wanted a shot of themselves with my bike in front of their horse trailer that they used to haul the bike to the races.I love the "Bonneville Or Bust" mentality of some folks,it`s what makes Salt Flats Racing so much fun.

And speaking of "Horsepower"....

...that motor`ll  get you down this track really fast.

This,on the other hand won`t even pass tech,but fun pit bikes are a spectator sport out here.

And speaking of going down the track fast,Team Vesco does that on a regular basis.

See what i`m sayin?.Up to the 6 mile turn out in the blink of an eye !!.Unfrigginbelieveable.....

Thats TR and Tom helping get the drive unstrapped and out of the Streamliner,making sure they`re ok.Thanks to TR for getting  me passed to go up with him to the end of the track for these`s not a spectator area but my Mommy says i`m special and I can go anywhere I want in there.




Unknown said...

test test

Anonymous said...

murf - you are decidedly demented

Bob said...

Nice meeting you at the World of Speed. Thanks for the group shot of Bike #8228. We put a link to your web page on our index page

It was fun....until the diesel truck blew up on the way home. More adventure.

Have a safe journey wherever the spirit and that BMW takes you.

RB Racing