Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wendover Final Post

Tomorrow morning i`ll be heading out for Death Valley,but I really had a great time and met some wonderfull people here in Wendover.It`s a very unique little town,and out towards the Salt Flats is where the magic happens.Stunning stark beauty,I could photograph the mountains,sunrises and sunsets for a month and get a different image every time.It`s just been great to be able to camp right in the foothills  and wake up to the most amazing sunrises.
Thanks to Chad Duvall at the Montego Bay Resort in Wendover for his gracious hospitality.
Thanks also to Brian Erickson at the Truckers Lounge.I`ll see you guys next year when it all starts again with SCTA Speedweek , August 13th-19th,2011.
So this`ll be my last posting for a few days or maybe even a week or so,unless Death Valley has WiFi now.Who knows,they put a StarFucs with WiFi by the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin......
...I can see how it would just blend into the architecture and majesty of the Gate just perfectly.

Wendover has changed quite a bit from the days of the 306th,the 509th and the 393rd.The Enola Gay will probably come back here eventually after they finish the renovations on the Hanger.I also hear through the coconut telephone across the palm trees that a Speed Museum is in the works,with a building already either picked out or purchased for this endeavor.The ghosts of racers past are probably happy about this,now they don`t have to stay out in the mountains forever,they`ll have their own little shrine which they all deserve.

Meanwhile SF Urban Moto put one of my pics on their cover this month,it`s a pic of "Woz" that I took at sunset at the BUB meet,right behind the pits by the mountains...
Jill Rothenberg did a great job on the article too,really gives you a sense of being there.I ferried her around on the back of the bike for a bit,got her down to interview Leslie Porterfield at Mile 0 and over to Peg Leg Craig before he got the record.
I`m missing the Salt already,and it`s not even into 2011 yet.Are we there yet??........................are we there yet??.

Wendover Will

But as much as i`ll miss Wendover,i`m also starting to miss this too...

....and some of this.....
I know that when I get there it`ll be covered in snow,but snow is good.



nicole said...

Hi Murf!! Was just thinking about you so I thought I would check in here. Looks like you are still having a great time!!

Be safe! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

was in DV fOr Badwater 135 ultramarathon in July as a pacer - a beautiful, unique place.

David and Jill said...

Good to read that Wendover went well. Blog looking good! We are hanging out in San Francisco for the weekend with a couple we met in Death Valley. It's wet! Depart Mon/Tues and will be touring around for a couple more weeks before heading back to Big Sur then onwards towards Mexico mid Nov. Stay upright! Jill& David

vincent prat said...

have a great trip to Death Valley, and show us some great pics more !