Sunday, August 22, 2010

Montana Vintage Indians in New Denver BC (Canada eh)

I took a run out to New Denver BC last Friday,it`s a wee little town about 45 km from Nakusp,but has some interesting attractions,one of the most notable being the Nikkei Memorial Internment Centre,which housed Canadian Citizens of Japenese descent who were stripped of their civil rights and labelled "enemy aliens".The federal government ordered men to road camps while families were placed in animal stalls awaiting forced removal to interior BC relocation camps,or to sugar beet farms in Alberta,Manitoba and Ontario.
More information on Internment Camps in Canada can be found here.

As I was passing through I noticed a some Old Iron,specifically this...
...Dans `38 Indian chassis with a 84 cu `47 power plant and a 4 speed overdrive.,so of course having owned a `47 Indian back in Ireland my bike automatically screeched to a halt and refused to go any further.
Dan had just finished the bike the night bfore they came to New Denver,but it hadn`t been fired up.This was the first time he had it running,and as you can see from the grin on his face,he`s a proud poppa !!.

I met a whole buncha great guys from the Northern Rockies Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.The Laughing Indian Riders of BC were part of this gathering also.
I hung out there most of the weekend,took some pics,talked smack with Tom......
....nice shirt Scooter.....

...who among other things(which we won`t get into here) rebuilds and restores these awesome motorcycles and also rides the crap outa `em too.
This is his original paint `47 Indian Chief(same model as mine) with a 5 inch(84 cu in)stroke,and he also put a 4 speed overdrive and electric start on it too(wussy boy).

There was some really nice non-Indian vintage iron there too,an old W series Kawasaki,

A completly original(that means everything) `74(I think) 750cc Honda Four,

A `73/`74 Yamaha 750 OHC.

A really,really nice Honda CBX.

Indian Four on the left.
There were a few nice Beemer Hacks there too.

Hi Tom......

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