Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Olympic Peninsula,Neah Bay.....

 I`ve been in Nakusp BC,(Canada eh) for a few days now since I got run off the road and knocked into a four foot ditch......a few scrapes on me and the bike,other than that life is grand.
Some passers by stopped and helped me drag out the bike
As you can imagine,i`m a week or so behind on posting,getting internet in the places i`m in is becoming a little challenging the further north I go.
Prudhoe Bay has been cancelled due to road closures from over 400 Forest Fires in the BC area alone.Flicking a lit cigarette out of a car in this neck of the woods carries with a $1,000,000 fine.Yes,thats 1 million.Needless to say i`m glad I quit in time.
After leaving Touratech in Seattle I headed North and West over to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.Everyone I spoke to raved about this place all the way over to the Hoh Rainforest on the West side of the Penninsula....but I just wasn`t feeling it,maybe it was the constant procession of Harleys(not that I have anything against assless chap wearing,dress like a Pirate bikers) heading back to Seattle after the weekend,or the very touristy feel to the place,but I just didn`t feel like it was for me.
I went as far as Cape Flattery and decided to head back to Seattle and go North to Vancouver.

This is Mike who stopped to help.The bike was righted at this point.It was upside down.
3 others stopped and we dragged it out.
The handlebars were bent and at this point had no clutch or front brake.

Repair time again.

The right side head guard was ripped off in the fray.

I never leave home without JB Kwik.

So after 3 hours of repairs I took a look around and decided to stay awhile in Summit Lake and repair my bruised ego too.
Mike,if your reading this,many many thanks for your invaluable help and the offer to drive me and the bike to a BMW Dealer 3 hours away.Thankfully I didn`t need to due to my limitless mechanical skills(!!),but I thank you for the offer.
And thanks to my friend Jane in BMW Motoradd for helping Mike when he called for advice.


Here are some pictures along the way North.
A lavender farm I stopped by for a break.

Before going to the ferry I stayed over  for a night here.
You can see why.

The ferry to the Penninsula.

On the second ferry I was sammiched in between a buncha Harley Pirates.

I gotta get me a pair of them Assless Chaps...........sometime.

Approaching Neah Bay going West on Hwy 112.

Neah Bay is a Native American reservation,home to the Makah Tribe of Indians.

The week before I got there they had the Paddle to Makah,a weeklong event.
During their time at the Dancing Protocol at the 2005 Paddle to Elwha, the Makah Tribal Council, along with the Makah Canoe Society, announced their intentions to host the 2010 Tribal Journeys and invited all participants to Makah Territory in Neah Bay, WA-the furthest Northwest tip on the lower 48 Unites States.

Since the announcement and invitation was made, the Makah Tribal Council and Neah Bay Community have been busy preparing to host a truly remarkable and memorable Tribal Journeys. The setting for Tribal Journeys is nearlyperfect: Makah Territory includes an ideal beach for the exciting and much talked about Landing Event when all the canoes will land and ask for permission to bring their canoes onto the Makah shores, and picturesque camping areas.The Makah Tribe has a rich history that includes songs, dances, language, but, most importantly, a history of treating guests of our nation with warm respect. As our guest, you will be taken care of as we would take care of one of our own. These are part of our teaching and customs that have been passed down for generations and continue to be taught to the next generation.
Every tribe and canoe attending the 2010 Tribal Journey will be given time to present their songs and dances, along with their own tribal words of wisdom and stories. The opportunity to share meals with all participants will be provided as well, which is one of the cornerstones of the Makah culture.
In short, we are certain of two things of your attendance: you will leave the 2010 Tribal Journeys with fantastic memories of the Makah Tribe & Tribal Journeys, and you will surely want to come back again

While in Neah Bay I stopped by and made friends with Kimm who has the Take Home Fish Co.
I hung out there all afternoon,watched him prepare the smoker with fish,get the Alder wood ready,and we dined on smoked Salmon heads.
Mmmmm,really good,especially the eye.

This fish smoking rack was handed down to Kimm over 30 yrs ago 
from the Elder who taught Kimm how to smoke fish.

Eyeball and cheek.......can`t beat it.

I decided to actually "Pay" for camping for a change(i`ve been able to avoid paying by finding out of the way places on Logging roads and just heading off road into the forest)
and stay at Snow Creek because they had hot showers AND Internet.

It`s a small campsite catering mostly to the avid fisherman (or woman).
They have fishing cabins, RV sites, some tent sites, a boat lift to launch and pull, and on a clear day you can see Canada (ehh!!).
People regularly come in from the dock with 50-70lbs of Bass, Salmon, Ling Cod, all sorts of fish.

Thats Canada over there  behind the fog,ehh !!.

Sunset at Snow Creek.

Thats it for me tonite.
Thanks to all for stopping by. I hope you`ve enjoyed the journey so far.


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garth graham said...

beware as you get close to Palinville. its scary up there. Seems like an amazing trip.