Friday, August 6, 2010

Touratech Seattle

So on the way up to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery I decided to make a pit stop at Touratech in Seattle to see Kimmo and the boys,and also make a couple of equipment changes to the bike.

The Authors bike at Touratech in Seattle.

I rolled in a little late on a friday afternoon due to traffic,and Kimmo
 graciously let me take a well needed shower there(Boy,did that feel good,just another helpfull amenity they have at the store for the long distance traveller).I was also able to pull the bike in to the warehouse and install the products right there,rather than trying to do it on the road.They really are very helpfull not only on the phone when you need information or advice on the products they sell,but also when you show up there on the way to some far off destination,they will go out of their way to make sure the long distance traveller has what they need to get them on the road.

The first change I made was the Rear Rack Extension Shelf.I removed the stock grab handle and replaced it with the shelf for more carrying capacity and it really makes a huge difference.

ROK STRAPS  were my next purchase.I don`t know how I lived without them,seriously.I threw my bungees in the garbage after putting these on.

The other Touratech product I have on the bike and I really like is the Adjustable Gear Lever.
It has a folding tip which is great for off road(and I have been known to stray off the beaten track a few times !!),and up to 3" of adjustment on two different planes to fit most riders and for me,it adjusts to fit my Garne Motocross boots.


Matt and Kimmo of Touratech.
Thanks again Kimmo for all the help.


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