Friday, September 10, 2010

BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials 2010 Day 4

By Day 4 of the event I was starting to feel like a dehydrated Lobster under the broiler,Good God Man,it was starting to get to me.It was really hot by Day 4,and of the lack of humidity really didn`t help.But don`t get me wrong,I`m not complaining as 4 months ago or so I was down in S.Fl with the temps in the 90`s and the humidity right about the same,so i`ll take the dryness over the humidity anyday.
Day 4 (Wednesday)had a slightly slower track than Tuesday due to rain the night before that hadn`t really dried out properly,which was evident in the speeds(or lack thereof) that people were seeing on their time slips.I didn`t even go out on to the track untill late afternoon,having spent the morning in town doing a blog page.By the time I got back some of the water had evaporated enough that riding the 4 miles out across the salt to the pits wasn`t totally like riding through oatmeal,it was more like hard bread pudding.......

Craig Anderson & The Flying Kiwi

Erin Hunter

This is Paul Thede on the Lightning Electric Motorcycle
that has AMA and FIM Land Speed Records at 165.5 mph.

Craig Anderson,his sister Felicia and her Husband Sean.

...and the rest of the crew of "The Flying Kiwi".
Craig set a new Land Speed Record about 5 minutes brfore this picture was taken of 182 mph.
Way to go guys.


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