Friday, October 15, 2010

2010 SCTA World Finals Pics

Ahh,nice and chilly here all right.Yesterday I took a ride into Salt Lake City from Wendover.On the ride in at 6:30am it was reading 26 deg on the thermometer on the bike.A Rest Stop hot air hand dryer took the edge off !!.I`m already starting to pack up to begin the trek SW.
Meanwhile these are the rest of the pics from the 2010 World Finals.

As an aside,I was doing my usual morning peruse of a few favorite MC sites,Steve Ducharmes Motor Cycle Picture Of The Day being one,and
Paul d`Orleans The Vintagent being another.As I was reading the Vintagents Tuesday article on the Land Speed Record attempt in 1930 of  JE Wright,I noticed that it was done in Cork,Ireland.Well,that caught my attention,as Cork was where my mother was born,my father being born in Bandit Country,Belfast.
What also caught my attention was the streamlined helmet that was designed for Joe Wright.
Remember,this was in 1930,but if you are a cyclist and have ever watched
  a Tour de France.....
.....The more things change,the more they stay the same.

Here`s the video of that Land Speed Record attempt in Cork,Ireland...


The rest of the article is an interesting read into LSR  racing in the thirties,as is The Vintagent Blog.
A big thank you to Paul d`Orleans for all the research.

Meanwhile,back at the ranch.....

One of my favorite "Salty" women racers,Erin Hunter.
Always has a smile that one.

Officially "The Worlds Fastest Roadster" with a 301.150 mph average,a 297.695 mph down and a 304.606 mph return.
Those two red things with MSD on the tops are Magnetos,a race version of your cars distributor,roughly $8k.......each.
Thats probably a top of the line(and expense,motor,in the $150k region).

When I took these pictures,the car was in impound,having already completed it`s second and record setting run.Here the top end,well,the valve covers and spark plugs are being removed to facilitate measuring the bore and stroke of the motor by vacum.

Said "SCTA Offishul" Vacum Measuring Tube.

Ooooh,look,shiny things......

L to R,Dave Davidson(driver),John Beck and Paul Bowman.
Congratulations fellas.


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