Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Technically,Randy Johnstons 10 year + Castle project is not in Death Valley,it`s about 10 miles out of the park off Hwy 267.There`s an abandoned mine,the one where the bike sunk in the soft sand and took a nap.To the left of the mine there`s a dirt road that goes around the back of the mountain up to the Castle,about 10 miles or so.It`s not on any maps,I just came across it by accident.About half way up to the castle you know you`re climbing as the Joshua Trees start to appear,since they only grow at elevations of 1500ft or higher.It`s also the road to get over to a forgotton old mining town called Goldpoint NV.
The town has about twenty inhabitants still living there with it`s own webpage.
Randys place is in the middle of nowhere,resting on 40 acres including patented gold claims dating back to 1897 signed by President McKinley,Emerson and Hard Luck Lodes.
It`s surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM land.
It`s got a 50ft diameter foundation with 16 inch solid concrete walls.
When completed the Castle will have about 8000 sq.ft,4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,2 kitchens,Great Room with 2 pipe organs,wine cellar and media room.
Electricity is provided by solar and wind power with 3 types of back up generators.
The two pipe organs came out of SF and all the 1/4" plate glass was rescued from a store that was going to dump it.
The Hardluck Goldmine was active from 1897 until World War II.The existing vertical mine shaft decends 160 ft and there`s also an abandoned horizontal shaft that`s being used for storage.
Randy took some time out of his day and showed me all over the place.

Randy Johnston,master of all he sees.

You can`t call AAA out here,so whatever breaks,you gotta fix it yourself.

Thanks for the time and the tour of the Castle Randy.
Great to meet you.
If anyone`s interested the Castle is for sale for $3.2 million.
He wants to by a 52 footer and sail around the world for his next endeavour.

Be Well


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