Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My day started with a 5:30am snow flurry that looked at the outset to be a journey killer,but after taking a few moments to calm down and get the MSR stove lit to make some coffee,things started to look marginally  better.I left Death Valley on Saturday morning and headed for Kingman in Arizona.It  was getting late and cold when I finally pulled into town,so as I was driving through I stopped off at the Kingman Fire Dept to get some local knowledge of camping in the area(the FD sticker that Keith from Station 2 in Ft.Lauderdale gave me really helps).One of the guys on duty pointed me out of town about 16 miles or so but on the way it got really cold,so the sign for the Hualapai Mountain Campground caught my eye.I got in late and out early and headed for Flagstaff and 89 North to Cameron,then 160 to 191 to Bluff and on the other side of Blanding where I stopped in the evening at the Twin Rocks Cafe and had the most awesome bowl of beef stew with fried bread and honey.......

Heading north I made it to the Devils Canyon Campground  just south of Monticello before I had to stop for the night.It was late late,about 9 or so,and cold,so I figured I better get camp set up for the night.
I was the only one there(!!) I know,right?....

So after coffee(Turkish grind,is there any other?) the sun came out and the snow let up enough for me to get to Moab,which is where I am now.I need to get some new tires on the bike for my final leg of this part of the journey,which is Steamboat Springs,CO,to my buddy Pete and his mahhhvelous wifey Heather and their little bundle of sunshine Viv.
Anybody who wants to make a donation of one or both tires,I am shamelessly accepting all offers at this point.I`m gonna get them in Grand Junction on Wednsday provided they have them in stock.
I never thought that the "One or Two" month motorcycle trip that I had originally set out on would turn into something as incredible as this.
So I will be posting up the rest of the Death Vally pictures over the next few days,meanwhile thank you to all who follow  along with me and regards to all who are travelling the road alongside.

All settled in down by the Colorado River just outside of Moab.

Be Well


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