Saturday, December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL...,friends and supporters of this blog.
Cousin Ed in Naas Ireland,I hope you`re reading this.Merry Christmas to you,Loise and the kids.I hope communication will be better in 2011.

To all the friends,readers and supporters of the blog,thank you for logging on and finding something you enjoyed here.It`s been a pleasure.

To sponsors,Scott at Kriega U.S. thank you.

To Erin hunter  for the support and especially the tire donation to get me to Steamboat safely.May the Gods Of Speed keep you and Shorty safe in 2011,and I hope to be there with lens in hand to capture it again.

To the many contributors,the people who donated as little as $5,thank you for that simple thought.It means more than you think on the road.
To all I have met and broke bread with,it`s been a blast.

Thanks to Steve over at Motorcycle Picture Of The Day for keeping up with my journey.
Thanks to JP at The Selvedge Yard for taking an interest.

Thanks to all who have given me shelter along the way,most especially Peter,Heather and Viv in Steamboat.

Princess aka Viv.

To all who are still on the road away from home and family,like my fellow Irishman Paddy Fitz,who is crossing the border between Equador and Peru as we speak.Merry Christmas Pat.Be safe,and have fun(duhh,like I need to tell HIM that).

Self Portrait.....

Merry Christmas to all

Be Well



Yssa or Izzy (depending on how you know me) said...

Merry Christmas old man! Journey well.

Heather said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Murph.
I like your last picture, finally one of you!
Enjoy the partial warmth and your mum.
See you in a month!