Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Have A Winner....

Congrats to Dusty up in Portland for getting all three questions right.
Kriega-US-10 Pack is on it's way to you Dusty.Thanks for being a dilligent follower.

Thanks to all who wrote in and played.Already the countdown has begun for contest #3.
Meanwhile,Boulder and bouldering in Boulder is addicting.I was at Neptune Mountaineering and came across a great collection of climbing gear from the 50's and 60's.

And then there's Bent Gate Mountaineering in Golden,another store I should be staying away from,but it just keeps calling me in my sleep.

Meanwhile,instead of letting me camp out on the front lawn,Ron,who owns the Boulder International Hostel decided to trade me a room in return for some glamour shots of the hostel for some upcoming advertising.Works for me,thanks Ron.

So as soon as I post this,I'm off for a three day climb to Longs Peak.At this time of year,it's definitely a challenge.Don't forget the crampons and the ice axe.You never know when you might need to self-arrest.

See you when I get down.



Diesel said...

Good Luck Murph!

Emelie said...

Heya Murph, Emelie (Swedish chick from Boulder International, yea you know the one in your pictures!) writing! I just came back from my roadtrip (Mesa Verde, Navajo and Grand Canyon, awesome indeed) and am trying to head to San Fran tomorrow or asap. Looks like I can get a ride, hoping for it!

So, where are you good sir? Not still in Colorado, no?

My email is, hit me up!

Charlie6 said...

Long's Peak eh? I am very much looking forward to the shots you'll get from up there.


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