Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 2011 Overland Expo,Amado AZ.

.....and the ironic thing is that as I got into Tucson to gas up and the temperature gauge on the bike climbed up to the 98°+,i'm thinking y'know,this is way to hot for man or beast.Ole man winter is my best friend,and leaving him and his snow capped peaks for the furnace that they call Arizona did not make me all warm 'n fuzzy.
I had half a mind to just turn back.I didn't really know anyone there,and i'm not really big on large gatherings.Boy am I glad I didn't follow that train of thought.
I gotta say that I had the most awesome time at this event.Well worth the trip and a lot of really great and interesting people and their Overland vehicles and stories,some of which are still in progress years and years later.A yearly ritual for me if i'm in the U.S for sure.

Roseann Hanson....

....and on her newly acquired steed.

Kristina Hall on the left and Don Floyd in front.Don was on the '87 Camel Trophy cup with Tom Collins.

This is screaming out for a "Caption Me" contest.

Gary Wescott of The Turtle Expedition.I met Gary and Monika finally last year at Bonneville.I'd been a fan for a number of years,back to Turtle III,so I knew that they'd be at this expo.

Duncan Barbour,another Camel Trophy legend,and a Scot to boot.

Scott Brady,owner and publisher of The Overland Journal.

Chris Marzonie.

Kevin Muggleton,owner and designer of Nomad Tents.

This model is the Tenere Expedition Tent,a 2 person 1 bike tent,born from Kevs own travels and adventures.

The new Nemo Equipment Jeep with a top camper built by Mario,owner of   Adventure Trailers,based in Prescott AZ.

This is Helen and Pauls 1994 Land Rover Defender,which has a fascin
ating story which you can read all about on their website Goingoverland,and their adventures and philosophy of their travels.Great couple.

This is one of David Whiteheads Zero One Odysseys tour cars,one of 11 which you can drive on the adventure tour of your life.
We talked a little about Zero One sponsorship of the WheretheHellisMurph tour and it looks like it may happen.David also mentioned bringing me along as a photographer for a tour which i'm really looking forward to.

The Warn guys were really great,donating a new set of W200XT HID Spot Beams for my bike.I already have them installed and they rock,burnin up the asphalt in front of me.
And I never thought a winch was any use on a motorcycle......until I saw the Warn guys do a demo.At only eight pounds it's a valuable tool for serious off road riders.

I really love this truck.It's the Turtle Expedition's Turtle III,a 1987 Ford F-350 4X4 with an incredible array of extensive modifications including an under-hood welder and a constant 120psi York air compressor.

So as i'm sitting having coffee early the next norning I hear a buzzing sound which seems to be getting closer,and then I see it.....

The flowers were in bloom at the little campsite called "The Oasis".

Most of the Camel Trophy Cup guys.
On the left is Don Floyd,who is building an orphanage in Houduras.I spoke with Don and Ken Cameron(4th from left)about the project and after interviewing them have decided to go on a Central and South America trip to volunteer two,three or four months of my time and give a little back,since time I have plenty of,and now after learning of Don and Kens endeavor it's kind of given my journey a bit more of a purpose,which I have been looking for for quite a while now.Ken also happens to be the Rally Master/Chief Technical Officer for NORRA,the National Off Road Racing Association who put on the Mexican 1000 Vintage Race,so i'll have THE best go-to guy there.
The whole Overland Expo event was so fortuitous for me,I couldn't have planned this if I tried.Meeting all of these inspirational people just kicked my whole outlook and my travels up a dozen notches.Life is short,making the best of it is the least you can do,right?.

If Not Now,Then When?.
If Not Me,Then Who?.


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