Saturday, July 30, 2011

MuMs 2011 Road Trip.............a little detour.

So if you really want to get to know your Mum, take her on a 4,000 mile road trip, you'll either have a blast or you'll wish you never went.
In our case, we're still having a blast, best thing we ever did.

Our original plan was to head to Austin TX first, then over to Durango to see my buddy the Pope, then on to Boulder to Mums new place, all in all about 7 days or so, but the day we set out from Florida we both just threw plans out the door and caution to the wind, and let the trip lead us where it may, and it's working like a charm.

Day 1 found us in New Orleans at Le Richelieu on Chartres St. in the French Quarter. It's been our favorite place to stay so far, both New Orleans and the Richeleau Hotel, there's just something about New Orleans, the architecture, the flavor, the hospitality and friendliness of the people, it all makes for a very pleasant stay.

On a recommendation from the hotel, we went to "Irenes" to eat, me Mum never told me she owned a restaurant there.

Mum liked this little "fixer upper", easy freeway access, in fact I-10 was the back yard.

Tuesday morning found us at Cafe Du Monde on Decatur street for coffee and Beignets, and from there it was an easy 550 mile drive to Gregs place in Round Rock, just north of Austin for our second night.
Dinner at Pappadeaux, a favorite of mine when I go to Austin, and again, did not disappoint.

After finally crossing ze border from Texas into New Mexico(you really don't know just how large that state is until you drive across it) we headed for Albuquerque for the night.
The next day,Vegas !!!.

As of this writing we are in San Francisco,having had a late lunch in Chinatown and then of course I had to take Mum for a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.
We didn't intend coming this far, but we kinda said  "agh,screw it" and each morning I said,"Mum,wanna go to Las Vegas?. Sure" she says.
Next morning,"Hey Mum,wanna go see the Golden Gate Bridge?"."Sure" she says.
So here we are.

Las Vegas and San Francisco images will be in the next post.

Meanwhile, it appears we have gathered a lot of followers along the way from the map I drew on the back window of the SUV we're traveling in, so to all of you who have waved, given us "thumbs up" and stopped us to say hi,thanks a bunch, and Mum says hi !!!.

And if by chance on our journey we may have inspired you to think about doing something similar for your Mum, we would love to hear about it, maybe give you some suggestions, so don't forget to write to us, leave us a comment, or find us on Facebook.
And don't think about doing something like this for too long, remember, neither of you are getting any younger.




Charlie6 said...

You're a good son Murph!


SonjaM said...

Gotta love a road-trip. My mom would do it in an instant, too!