Monday, September 26, 2011

New York City & The TeamRWB Sept 11,2011 Memorial Run.....Pt II.

While the TeamRWB Liberty State Park Memorial run was going on in Jersey City,there were two other TRWB runs occurring in other locations,well,actually there were TRWB runs occurring worldwide,but two were being run by a couple of friends of mine.
The first was the TRWB run in Shanksville PA,organized by my good friend Mandy Miller.
These images were sent to me by Mandy and her crew.
They ended up doing a 9.11 mile run and a 5k.

Mandy Miller,Ultrarunner and Ironwoman.

Penn State ROTC.

Just beyond this wall lies the final resting place of the 40 souls of Flight 93.The spot is marked by a very large boulder and is off limits to all but family members.
I can only imagine how difficult and painful it must be for them each time they come here to visit.

The second run was by my friend Tess Geddes and Zac Addorisio who both ran a 37 km run from Mt.Currie to Whistler in Canada,BC.

Tess Geddes and Zac.

This picture reminds me just how beautiful Canada is,especially around the Whistler area.

Images  courtesy of Tess Geddes.

Mandy and Tess did a wonderful job of honoring the memory of Sept 11th and the spirit of TeamRWB and their efforts to raise awareness for their cause.
To get involved just go to the TeamRWB Website.

I stayed on in New York City for another week after the TeamRWB Memorial Run in Liberty State Park.
I had intended to go down to photograph the 9-11 Memorial,but upon trying to make an online reservation to acquire tickets,I came to find out that it was booked up in advance until the end of November.So I was a little disappointed,but soon put it behind me.New York City has too much to offer to be upset for long.
The Manhattan I knew and lived in was calling me,the city I had left 12 years earlier.......

And what trip to NYC would be complete without meeting another Irishman............on a motorcycle.................wearing a kilt.

Paddy Joe with his daughter out for a bike ride in NYC.
Turns out Paddy Joe is another Belfast boy,where I spent a wee bit of time back in the day.

Paddy Joe,great to meet you,and i'll be in touch.

I decided to leave NYC and ride the 270 miles over to Somerset PA and go to Shanksville to photograph the Flight 93 Memorial,the memorial that Mandy Miller had put on the TeamRWB run the previous weekend.So Monday,Sept 18th,I headed west out of NYC toward the PA Turnpike.Clouds and thunderstorms hovered over me ALL day,the whole 270 miles out to Somerset,but no rain.

The boulder beyond the gate is the final resting place of the 40 souls aboard Flight 93.

It was a dull and overcast day for photography,but to me it seemed it was fitting for what had happened here 10 years ago.It's had to imagine this place being one of joy.Tranquil maybe,but not a happy place.

It was only after I got to Shanksville that I decided to make a phone call to the 9-11 Memorial Press Office and was able to secure an overnight Press Pass to visit the 9-11 Memorial.
So after spending a few days in Shanksville,I rode the 270 miles back east into New York City,happened to meet another friend from Florida who was attending a computer course there,and had a place to stay for the night after my day downtown photographing the 9-11 Memorial.
The images of the 9-11 Memorial will be in my next post.

It will also include my photographic tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous house he built for the Kuafmann family in 1935,Falling Water,and my chance meeting while at Falling Water of the Vincent Owners Club 2011 International Rally.This is a rally held every 4 years in different parts of the world.In 2007 it was in Australia,and for 2015 Italy may be the destination.This group are real motorcyclists,some of them riding Vincents or HRD's worth upward of $300,000.....

Roberts absolutly stunning '37 HRD Series A being one of those.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you for following along.....



zagbag said...

Great job Murph! Glad you got back to NYC for the pix and experience. Keep the rubber down my friend!

Charlie6 said...

Hope the owner of that magnificent Vincent has lots of insurance on it if he's riding it as well....even then, I think I'd hesitate and take something easier to replace.

WhereThe HellisMurph said...

Thanks Zagbag,will do.Maybe see you in 'bama in a few weeks.

Dom,these guys ride the piss out of their Vincents,after all,they're still only a motorcycle to be ridden.