Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Travels Since Sept 1st.....

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Until the Vincent Owners Club International Rally pics are posted,I thought i'd put up a map of where i've been since the last week of August,well,i'm actually en route to FL as we speak,but i'll be there in a week.
7,000 miles as the crow flies,but add another 1000 for detours and such and it's comes out to about 8,000 miles travelled in about 2 months.
Way to much mileage really,as I think that to get a sense of a place you really need to slow down,have a coffee,look around,meet the people.
When I meet these "Iron Butt" guys who go from Key West to Alaska in record time,clocking up 900-1,000 miles a day,I have to ask myself did they even see anything?.
I did a 2,000 mile IBA(Iron butt Assn.) ride once and that was enough for me to realize that it's not a fun way to ride,quite pointless actually.Didn't even bother to send in the paperwork afterwards,just tore it up a few days later.
Well,I missed out on bragging rights at the bar,a T-shirt and a license plate holder(which you have to pay for)but I met a bunch of great people,some of whom are now friends I stay with when I pass through their town.
So the Sand Pit is next on the list.........

Coming up next:The VOC Rally.


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