Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arlington Cemetery and Wreaths Across America.

In 1992 Morrill Worcester,owner of Worcester Wreath in Maine,found himself with a surplus of wreaths nearing the end of the holiday season.
Remembering his boyhood experience at Arlington,Worcester realized he had an opportunity to honor our country's Veterans.Arrangements were made for the wreaths to be placed at Arlington in one of the older sections of the cemetery which,as the years passed,had been receiving fewer and fewer visitors.
This Saturday will be the Twentieth Year,and as Arlington is a place I have yet to visit,i've decided to ride up from here in Fl where I am at present and spend a little time in Arlington and witness the Wreath Laying Ceremony.
This year Worcester has arranged for up to 100,000 wreaths to be placed on grave sites at the military cemetery on Dec 10th in his biggest wreath-laying undertaking yet.
It's only 1050 miles from Hollywood FL,an easy 2 day ride,so i'll be there on Friday,with a stop off on the way in Virginia with my good friend and Pro-photographer Steve Uzzell and his partner and photographer Susan Lambert.
I'm already getting misty-eyed just thinking of the sheer magnitude of this event,and am hoping that the photographs I take throught the weekend will do it justice. 

For more information on this event click here.
If you will be in the Arlington area this weekend,i'll see you there.

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Anonymous said...

Murph...I met you today at the Scottish Rite Temple in Augusta, Ga. After reading your site...I am glad to have met you and look forward to seeing the SRT photo soon. Thanks again for such a great site and being the person you are!