Saturday, January 28, 2012

The 2012 W.T.H.I.M Round the World Ride Sticker is here....

I just picked these up from the printers today,so they are now available.

I thought long and hard about how to distribute them,so this is what I came up with:
As many of you know,my "give back" organization is Team Red,White and Blue,a non-profit organization set up by Maj.Mike Erwin to help reintegrate returning vets from the war back into "normal' life again through the medium of exercise.I was introduced to them by my friends Mandy Miller,who is heavily active and a huge part of the TeamRWB organization.
She also is the friend responsible for getting me into re-hab 3 yrs ago and helping me to become a sober and productive member of society.

Over the last few days i've been seeing a tremendous amount of support for TeamRWB in many forms,and yesterday I saw the Paula Broadwell Video.
Not only is Paula donating 25% of the proceeds of her new book "ALL IN" to TeamRWB,but Jon Stewart jumped in the fray and donated $20,000 and put a "Donate to TeamRWB" button on the The Daily Show Page.
So I got to thinking about how I could contribute to my cause,TeamRWB,and I decided to donate to them from the proceeds of the sale of my stickers.

So,pictured above is the sticker package that is up on sale.

WHAT YOU GET:you get 1 large 5" wide by 3" tall sticker,1 medium 3" wide by 1 3/4" tall sticker(the one that is blank,not finished printing yet)and a 5" by 1/2 sticker,all mailed TO YOUR DOOR.
You don't even need to get in the car for this one,I mean JUST HOW EASY does it get PEOPLE !!!!.

30% of the proceeds are going to be donated to TeamRWB,and 20% will go to an as yet undecided cause.So basically i'm going to donate 50% of the proceeds of the money I get from the sale of the stickers.
The package is priced at $10,which includes shipping anywhere in CONUS.
My goal is to get TeamRWB at least $1200,and $600 to another cause(as yet to be determined).
Once I get my printing costs covered i'll be happy,if not,i'll still be happy.

I never set out to try to make a profit on these stickers,but now i'd like to try and make a profit to help some others,as there are many many people who make regular donations to help me and continue to be a constant source of support.
I may need to make an extra run of 500 if they take off and sell,I really hope so.
I do intend to make a WTHIM World Ride sticker each year,with just the year on it changing,who knows,they nay become collectible!!!.

So there you have it,I hope that you all find this a worthwhile reason to spend $10.
I have a very limited run of these made,I couldn't afford to get 1000 made,but maybe if this batch all sell,i'll get some more done.

SO C"MON people,show TeamRWB some support.......pretty please.




Buy as many sets as you can afford please,the more you buy,the more I can give to TeamRWB.

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