Saturday, January 14, 2012

The N.O.R.R.A. Mexican Black & White.

I recently connected with a few friends I met at the 2011 N.O.R.R.A. Mexican 1000,and while going through the images from that event,I came across quite a number that I never published,so I got nostalgic and decided to put them up.
This years event will be held from April 28th through May 2nd,2012.If you feel up to the challenge,here's the page to figure out which category you fit in,and here's your registration form........your welcome.
Unfortunately,I won't be able to make this years event,as by the end of April,my bike will already be on a ship en route to Rotterdam in the Netherlands for the start of the sidecar conversion and my Round the World trip.Pity,I really loved last years event,and made some great friends as well.I even stripped the bike down by taking off the panniers and excess equipment and ran one of the off-road stages,Day 1 Special Stage 3,a 210 mile stage from San Felipe to Bahia de Los Angeles ,60 miles of which were off-road,starting a few clicks south of Puertecitos to Coco's Corner,then another 12 miles to paved road.That was the stage I crashed twice,got rescued by the Canadians with some tools to bolt some stuff back on that fell off about 45 miles back,and the stage I met the The 10 Jose's.

Bob Land and the crew,who really helped me out a lot last year.I'll miss seeing them this year for sure.

The 10 Jose's,who broke down on Special Stage 3.

Loreto,start of Day 3,Stage 1.

Anyone who's done Baja knows exactly where this is.
And yea,Coco is still there.

I couldn't leave Coco's without getting my tank signed.

So,go rent you an RV and head to Mexicali for April 27th,and drive the 1000 miles over 3 days down the Baja peninsula to La Paz and follow the original desert race that started the whole Baja Desert Racing events that followed.Go find Mike Pearlman and say hi from Murph.



Raftnn said...

Looks far for me to come. But it is the sort of thing I would love to do.

vincent said...

I remember a small beach near La Paz called Tecolote, 22 year ago when I went there, it was paradise on earth... has it changed now?

#I envy your new life Murph !