Thursday, March 1, 2012

Team Red,White and Blue in Austin TX.....Pt II.

Maj.Mike Erwin(center)TeamRWB founder,6:30 am,on the steps of the Austin State Capitol.

I had a great time with TeamRWB at the 2012 Austin Marathon.
It was just great to be among so many people who were really trying to make a difference in other peoples lives,like all the TeamRWB volunteers do all the time.There was a great energy,even at 5:30 in the morning,by 6:30 the place was buzzing and a hive of activity.Kinda got me all jazzed up,I nearly felt like I could at least give the Half Marathon a shot,but then I thought well,who's going to take the pictures,so I excused myself with a promise to give it a legitimate shot in the next year or two somewhere.And I will too,there's just something so positive about runners and athletes alike,they're good to be around.At least that's what I get from them.

Larry Olson,TeamRWB's Director of Marketing.

I mean it's 6:30 am,some of the runners are running 13.1 miles,others are running the full 26.2 miles,and they're all smiles and happy before they start,so what does that say about them?.
Yeah,some will say the usual "they're all nuts" but to get your lazy ass up out of bed at 4am and get down to the start line by 5:30 requires many months of prior early morning and late evening training,so you know what,my hat's off to every competitor who ran that day.I have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for them.

And especially for what TeamRWB have done and continue to do,to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families in our nation.

And at 7 am,they were all off and running.....

Larry Olsen,who along with his daughter Annie,ran the half,13.1 miles,looking like he could do the other 13.1 and make it a full,great run Larry and Annie.

I'm curious as to how many hugs Josh got.....

Sarah Dean,who ran the full 26.2 miles,well done Sarah,proud of you girl.

So as I look through these images,in the words of TeamRWB's founder,Mike Erwin,they "Fire me up".There's a lot of effort,energy,determination,dedication,blood,sweat and tears in the faces of all the TeamRWB members who ran the Austin Marathon,and all the other TeamRWB members all over the U.S.A. who daily give freely to help those who need it.

It's an honor to be though of as part of the organization that is


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