Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EINDHOVEN................Out and About Pt I.

'The Blob' in Eindhoven on 18 Septemberplein.

On a whim I decided to ride down to Eindhoven last Sunday, and coming in from the west on the A270, 'The Blob' is the first landmark that assaults the senses, it stopped me dead in my tracks. My shutter finger was already twitching even before I got off the bike and got my Nikon D3s out.

Argueably one of the more controversial structures built in Eindhoven, 'The Blob'  is a one of those 'Love It or Hate It' types of buildings, and it's not that difficult to see why either. 
Built right in the middle of Eindhoven's shopping district, it was built as the centre-piece of a complete re-development of the 18 Septemberplein area.
It's location and the other buildings that surround it just add to it's intrigue. Upon first sight, it appears to be completely out of place amongst it's older neighbors, like it just dropped out of the sky like a 'Blob', but I must say, I think it's quite an impressive piece.

So given that it's such a controversial piece, I thought I would throw in a controversial image to keep in the same spirit.
I photographed it an angle, usually a no-no in photography, threw it into a Photomatix Pro HDR preset to give it a 'painting' look with a Lightroom vignette to finish (sounds like a recipe for dinner), and i'm sure that i'll hear about it from a few people.

The city of Eindhoven counts 217,200 + inhabitants, 261,000 + if the adjacent Veldhoven is included, making it the fifth-largest city of the Netherlands.

I was only in Eindhoven for one day, and intend to return this coming weekend, due in no small part to meeting this man, Bob Casemier.
I'm riding down the Kleine Berg, a small little cobblestone street in Eindhoven, and as I turn a corner I see a man on a small little stool with a brush cleaning what appears to be a gorgeous Triumph Cafe Race bike.

So off I get and wander over, having no idea what's in store for me.

Bob Casemier.

Bob built most of this 750 Triumph Cafe himself, you can tell just by looking at the way some of it's pieces are constructed it's not a parts catalogue bike, it has all the hallmarks of being an owner built piece.
But the best was yet to come.
After chatting with Bob he asks me 'How much time do you have?', I have no schedule I reply, why?.
Well, I have a museum upstairs, would you like to come see?.

Ummm, yes please.

To be continued...........


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What's up murph how u been good luck on the adventure this is Jorge from salt flats by the way