Friday, June 29, 2012

Murph's Broken Laptop......

There will be a delay in this weeks and next weeks posting here on the blog, on Monday I had an accident and fell down the lower half of a flight of wooden stairs with Macbook in hand, the laptop fell on the tile floor at the bottom and the screen is now dead.

Fortunately, I have the use of a laptop for emailing and correspondence, but I cannot picture edit, as this laptop does not have Photo Editing software.

Unfortunatly, it is the 17" Macbook, which means the replacement screen alone will cost me $900, only for the screeen, not the repair. I think I may be able to do it myself according to some Youtube tutorials I have watched.

I am again trying to raise some funds by selling the remainder of my 2012 Wherethehellismurph RTW Ride decal sets to try to offset this unexpected expense, there is a post on my Facebook account giving the details about it, which I will mirror here: 
In the picture at the bottom right of the laptop are the 3 decal set, $10 per set, postage included from Holland.
I have a Paypal acc for payment, the acc is
If you want to buy more than 1 set, please specify this in the Paypal notes. If you only want 1 set but want to donate more, please specify this too.
Also please use the "Gift"option when paying, otherwise I will get hit with PP fees.
There are also a VERY limited number of "Jay Leno"signed decals, these are big, 9"X5" Decals that I had for sponsorship, if you are interested in sponsoring please contact me at

Thanks to all who have already supported and purchased sets in tha past too...

Have the day of your choice,



Dumptruck said...

I hope the non-computer part of you escaped unscathed

Unknown said...


I do believe that's two laptops for the price of one screen. I don't want to know what kind of magic dust they put in those things for that price.

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Benita Bolland said...

Well, it was good that nothing serious happened to you. The laptop, on the other hand, didn’t fare well. It looks terrible and the cost is just staggering! Have you tried looking for cheaper alternative screens you can fit on your laptop instead of a genuine Mac screen? Maybe there are cheaper alternatives.