Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PT II.. "A Man, A Motorcycle & A Mission"...

MotorTrend flew Mike Wilson and Mark Lenardon over from the US to Finland in March to shoot a Pt II to the Pt I of "A Man, A Motorcycle & a Mission" for the Downshift on the MotorTrend Youtube channel. 
This is the final cut, just released today:

My sincere thanks to all the staff of MotorTrend that were involved in the production of this video back in the U.S.A.

Special thanks to Mark Lenardon, a cool guy and a really great videographer.

My warmest and heartfelt thanks to Mike Wilson, Producer and Editor, whom without his going to bat for me this wouldn't have been possible. 
Thanks Mike for making this happen, and thanks for making an old guy on a sidecar look cool.....


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Tago said...

Lovely video.
Really like how you look like a Santa with cool bike :)

Charlie6 said...

Outstanding video! That last portion of your rig diving into the snow bank was quite cool, no pun intended. :)


Emelie Lundgren said...

Jeez. It's too great. I'm speachless.

Will van Niekerk said...

Nice feature on MotorTrend! Good luck with the rest of the adventure. I have a mini tour coming up in June and can't wait

IRISH Murph said...

Tago, appreciate the comment,


IRISH Murph said...

Dom, thanks. The crash was caused by operator error.....not intentional :-)


IRISH Murph said...

Thanks Em,


IRISH Murph said...

Hi Will and thanks.

Safe travels on your tour,


chris horsley said...

Been following you for a while Murph. Reading your blog always gives me a tingle of excitement. Keep living our dreams. Hope to see you in southern u.k sometime.

IRISH Murph said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for following along, good to hear that you enjoy my travels and website.
I'm in the beginning stages of planning a UK run, well, actually a UK, Scotland, Ireland and back to Finland for the winter.
If it materializes, you'll see the route posted up on the blog, we'll have a cuppa if I get there :-)

Cheers and thanks for the note,