Friday, May 7, 2010


Memphis, what a leg that turned out to be.
We arrived in Memphis around sevenish, got a room at the 5 star (!) Motel 6 since that was all that was available due to it being Memphis In May that week(I never got the memo, honest).
So after bitching out the receptionist due to no hot water and no TP we headed to the Butchers Shop for a steak dinner with all the trimmings.
So on the ride back I keep hearing this sound like an air raid siren that I thought was part of the MIM festival.
Turns out it was the tornado warning system they use for the city for incoming tornado touchdowns.
So that was the beginning of a long night and an even longer next day trying to get to Nashville, which when we discovered that ALL the roads were closed, turned to plan B.
Trouble was, there was no plan B.
But meanwhile, Monday morning on the way to a Starbucks to get coffee for the troops, I passed a really cool looking cycle shop called Super Cycle that had an old 40`s Harley in the front window. I have to go there, gotta take a looksee.
So back I went, Grumpy in tow.
Well, what a blast from the past. Turns out it`s been owned for the last 40 years by Ron and Lew Elliott, and they`ve bought, sold,built and collected some pretty amazing stuff in that time. And when these guys start talking, well, grab your coffee `n a chair son.
The Elliot Bros.

 This guy bought alot of bikes from them:

In fact the trike in the picture above was the last bike Elvis got the Elliotts to build before he died.
Like I said, a step back in time here.
So as I`m talking with Ron, he`s telling me the story of the time they got burglarized and robbed, at least attemped robbery. Turns out Ron ended up shooting the would be robber 4 times, he made it about eight blocks before he just lay down `n quit, but not before he got a shot off at Ron.
But in Rons own words, he didn`t get any vital organs, "He just shot me in the head ".
You can`t make this stuff up !!.

Back to the Elliotts shop, they had a lot of old Memphis PD Harley Davidson Servicars that they had restored,

Ron`s first bike,a Triumph

Lews Indian

Reserve Gas instructions

So in Rons back yard outhouse, he had this, I never got around to asking why.


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