Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Ride To PA.....

.......was spent trying to figure out how to navigate through the multiple road closures along the way due to the flooding that pretty much wiped out Nashville and surrounding towns. We tried to stay off the Interstate,but that proved to be impossible,as no sooner had we gone 3 or 4 miles down a two lane blacktop than we faced a water hazard. My bike would have made it ok, but Grumpys being a Kawasaki Sport Tourer with low ground clearance had no chance.
So we Superslabbed it  most of the way to Boyertown. However, departing the Riverfront Inn in Clarksville, Grumpy notices.........yep, a flat tire, and the rear at that (translation,the expensive one).
So off we go to a dealer to get a new rear tire.


And of course being the perfect gentleman, and having the sturdier of the two bikes(!), I of course offered to transport said sick tire to Boyertown PA so it could be patched and used as a backup.

Of all the gas stations in all the all the towns....

So as we tried to navigate our way through the mess,we found ourselves at the beginning of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, so we decided to make a distillery detour. When in Rome, right?. The only one we could get to easily enough was the Four Roses Distillery. This time of year they all shut down anyway.

This was the diner in Huntington West Virginia...

...that we happened upon by accident,and as we sat down we saw this pic:
Amazing how things  happen in life sometimes.

We ended up in that part of town because Marshall University is there,and I`ve always wanted to see the Memorial Fountain.

And then onward through West Virginia.

Morning in West  VA.

So far West VA is my favorite state to ride in.
Lots of beautiful curving roads to lean into.

We finally make it  to PA to Art and Julies.



Anonymous said...

Hey Murf. We just had burgers for lunch and it made me wonder where you are and how you are doing?? Looks like you are having a great time!! Take care!!!

Murfs Spot said...

Who won the card game?.......Murf.

garthgraham said...

Hey, did you know that the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia? Had to be, in any other state it would be a teethbrush. Have fun.

Murfs Spot said...

Ooooh Garth,now thats just wrong.
Funny though !!!.