Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BMW ROA Rally Pictures

There were a whole lot more bikes at the rally than I managed to take pictures of,but here for your viewing pleasure are a smattering of them.
Lets start with Hank Widdop from Memphis and his `76 R 90/6.The front end is from a `58,the discs are `81.The bike he bought for $500 3 blocks down from him,the hack(sidecar)was 5 doors down and cost him $400.

And since we started with Hacks....we`ll keep going with Hacks.
This is actually a Ural.

So is this.

This was stunning.

This is a special model only available for the Florida market.BMW unveiled it at the show.It`s called the RRS,the Road Rage Special.
There`s nuthin like a mounted in your hack to clear traffic.

And now for something completely different....

Just in case he runs out of gas.


Sharon & Larry came from Victoria BC with thier dog "Ben".
They invited me to visit on the way up.


And one of my favorites from the Vintage collection..

This is Ara and his dog "Spirit" is in the sidecar.I had linked to his website before I met him because his story made me think,then as i`m changing my oil at the rally,who should I meet doing some repairs to his own bike?.Yep,Ara and Spirit.
Small world,very small.
We spent some time together,broke bread,and stay in touch on the road.

I took a picture of this next bike or rather the rear of the bike simply because it had a UK license plate,and i`m thinking "this guys a long way from home".

So as i`m leaving Crater Lake(the next posting) i`m in the visitors center getting fuel and i see the same bike in the parking lot.We talk,their names are David and Jill,and I tell them how I photographed their bike a few days earlier at the rally to publish it in my blog.
We figure out we`re headed in the same direction kinda sorta,Vancouver Island being the 4 day away destination,and part with a tentative plan of meeting there.
The next day i`m put put puttin down the road and out of a turn on my left comes..........yep,David and Jill.
Anyway,a few days later I get this email from Jill:
The Title,"Stuck in McMinville".

Hi Murph,
Where the hell's McMinville I hear you ask. Not sure really. Somewhere between Salem and Portland, the journey between which has seen us drop the bike going backwards down a steep slope, breaking one of the pannier holders-which needed welding (I think we told you about that one!) ; get two new tyres in Salem from a crap BMW garage (one tyre was the wrong size), and where they informed us the rear tyre rim is split between the spokes; and the bike developed some weird and wonderful engine noises. So quite an eventful time since we last collided (so to speak!).
Anyway as we spent a wonderful night free camping at the top of Mt Hebo-above the clouds, David racked his brains for a solution, and searched his BMW anonymous booklet, found a guy called Frank, here in McMinville, who offered to help and has been kindly sorting us out all day-even loaning us his truck until we can sort out a rental car. So that is how we came to be stranded in McMinville. To get the wheel fixed involves flying it to Denver Colorado to a place called Woods (Woody's) who apparently do things magical with wheels. And whilst that is happening another guy called Steve is going to fix the engine-oil seal I think (by the way I (Jill) am writing this as David is knackered having spent all day sorting out the bike - and shocked at how this is going to affect our travel funds; and has collapsed into bed! So apologies if I sound mechanically vague).
So we just wanted to say that sadly we will not be making Tofino in a couple of days. We reckon we will be here until next Weds/Thurs. Then the plan is to whizz up to Vancouver Island, and as we planned, Jasper and the Ice-Field Parkway before heading back to the US and free camping, and cheaper food!!

Hope all is well with you and your travels.

Be in touch.

Stay upright (as they say).

Jill & David.
So thats long distance motorcycling for ya.I spoke with them a few days ago,and it appears they landed in doo doo,but came up smelling like roses.Thanks to the BMW MOA Anonymous book(yep,it`s a real book))a few members in the area have come to the rescue,providing lodging and repairs,even the necessary welding needed for the pannier bracket.So they sure are feeling a hell of a lot better than a few days ago.

On the road repairs.

Thanks for the help David.See you in Tofino.

Thats it for now.Again,thanks to all for checking in and leaving comments,and hi to those i`ve met on the road and are stopping by for the first time.



Mandy said...

Ben is my favorite!m2
COdy and Penny say they agree! WOOOOOOFFFFF!

Anonymous said...

Off to an earlier start to the better part of your day on route to your next destination. Respect for taking the time for Summit Lake slowing down take in the pinnacle the scenery around you.
As the morning Loons awakens the next horizon prevail, on the vertigo of recovery. Aside the roads the Summit heals, respect in the time it takes...... Heal My friend. My intent to travel back to the Nakusp Hot Springs to absorb the mineral content taking take a dip, in the Arrow Lakes traveling back past your overnight as my stay in Nakusp ,lengthens, attendance of a local memorial. If our Paths are meant to cross I'll see you down the road, Angie.