Friday, July 23, 2010

Ketchum Idaho to Shady Cove Oregon

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There were a few reasons I decided to make this trip to the Northwest and beyond at this time,the first being that i`ve always loved that part of the country and find myself a little starved for it`s towering and majestic mountains,forests as far as the eye can see,and some of the best motorcycling roads in the country.
There was also a BMW MOA rally on in July that I had an interest in going to,but the reason that tied all these together was that I had found a used Touratech 41 litre long distance gas tank(10.5gls vs.7.5 for the stock tank)  on the BMW forum,so I contacted the seller,and we decided that it would be better to install the tank at his place in Oregon rather than have it shipped down to Florida.As luck would have it,Jim(the seller)had spent a few years living and travelling in Ireland with his wife Verna on motorcycles,so we had no shortage of subjects to converse about.The Norsea Odyssey is an  interesting read of their expolits.There were a few other smaller inconsequential reasons as well,but they all served to help  in my decision in making this trip a no brainer.
So all of these reasons,coupled with the fact that summer in South Florida can best be described as f*cking miserable and sweaty at best,culminated in me loading up the bike and heading off to points North and West.
So with the back story out of the way,I headed out from Ketchum Idaho and made tracks for Jims place in Shady Cove Oregon.
Which brings me to "Murphs Travelogue Nugget #1.My fuel costs from Fort Lauderdale to Albuquerque were roughly $130.So every 2000 miloes is going to set me back the cost of about 20 packs of cigarettes(that is if I smoked,which I don`t because I quit,so there)
I`m putting a new "Murfs Travelogue Nuggetts" link on the blog,and as these bits of info or "Nuggets" come to me or maybe i`ll just see them on a piece of toast or pizza(if I ate pizza,which I don`t)i`ll jot them down and preserve them forever on Al Gores incredible invention that changed communication as we know it,The Interweb (it`s not just for porn anymore,who knew) !!.


Shady Cove,Oregon.

The bike at Jim Seaveys getting much needed electrical repairs and prepping it for the larger tank.

Trial fit.

Fits the way it should.
I went into Medford and got the graphics done for it.

While at the Seaveys Bob Fleischer showed up with another traveller Alan,who came from Belize for the BMW rally on his 1990 GS.

Alan has been on the road for about 10 months now.Orignally from South Africa,he made it to Belize before the bike needed open heart surgery,which necessitated him staying and working there for a few months.

I really enjoyed my stay there,getting everything done to the bike was a big help(thanks Jim)and being fed by Verna and Joan(thank you both)helped also.

Behind Jims place there were a few of these........awwwww,however,most people around here hate them because they ravage the plants.

A huge thank you to Jim and Verna,and Gene and Joan for their kindness and gracious hospitality.


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