Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 Mike Cook Shootout,Bonneville Salt Flats Utah.....UPDATE..

Ok,so this update of "Whats happening on the Salt" was graciously provided to me by Jon & Nancy of

Here's the status of the Top Speed Shootout 2010 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, as of Friday the 24th at about 11AM:
THE NISH family car is going home. I don't have the reason about why they're done, but yesterday they hurt a driveshaft on the smaller motor.
THE ACK ATTACK bike is undergoing a swap of both motors. They were having gear-changing problems -- one of the engines wouldn't go into first and the other had no fifth gear, I think it was. This morning they made a run and while the bike finally went straight and true -- meaning the overnight tire swap to the five-year-old tires -- was successful. But during the run the engines were backfiring and sputtering a bunch, so they'll just change out the engines and run tomorrow morning.
The Speed Demon made an aborted run this morning. There turned out to be an oil issue, with oil getting onto the clutch plates -- so the clutch slipped as George Poteet, the driver, put the car into third gear. He drove it back to the pit and the team is now working to find the source of the oil leak. They'll also run in the morning.
SCOTT HORNER of Heads Up Performance in Salt Lake City, is making runs on his turbo Hayabusa "sit-on" bike. He's running in the 200 mph range and enjoying some track time. Still hasn't put down a really great pass -- best was yesterday's run of something around 225, but the course was wet and he had enough of a job riding the bike that he didn't attempt a return run. He's on the course as I type this -- wait a few minutes and I'll give you his speeds through the course. "He's through the four mile marker and heading for the timed stretch -- the middle of the course. It's measured for runs in both directions. Never mind, rider has aborted the run -- he's slowing to 135 into the timed stretch".
THE JACK ROGERS REALTY CAMARO is prepping for more runs in the next hour or so. It's not a streamliner, like the other cars here, but Jack and driver Steve Strupp are readying for a good number of hot laps. They're here mostly for experimenting and "test and tune" -- and having the fun of running on the 12-mile long course.
THE SPEED by SPECTRE STREAMLINER made a run this morning with the smaller (485 cubic inch) twin turbo Cadillac motor. They hurt a turbo yesterday and the spare was a slightly smaller blower, and the resulting imbalance may have had some effect on the poor run. Amir, the owner/driver of the car, aborted the run and dro ve the car back to the pit, towing the chute for six or seven miles.
BOBBY CLEVELAND is here on the salt with hopes of running over the weekend with "The Worlds Fastests Lawnmower". I'll get some photos of the mower when it comes out of the transporter.
And that's it for now. Further deponent sayeth not. But for further information you're all welcome to visit On the home page you'll find a cut-and-paste URL to go directly to the Forum thread about this entire event. Warning: Reading it is addictive and it's already about 48 pages long, including lots of photos -- so have a couple of cold drinks with you before you start reading. I'm doing live/real time reports during runs -- follow the Forum and yo'll be more up to date than most of the folks that are spectating in person out here.

 Jon Wennerberg, a/k/a Seldom Seen Slim, owner of

So there`s whats what on the Salt.I`m taking a little down time since no one`s going to run today.I`ll put up some more pictures of some of the pit and track action too,or just go over to to see some more.
Blogger just changed their picture upload format so right now I don`t seem to be able to upload pics.I`ll try again later.


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