Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Mike Cook Shootout,Bonneville Salt Flats Utah...FINAL RESULTS

Ok,so here`s the bottom line.
There is a new Motorcycle World Land Speed Record.
The Ack Attack Twin Engined Hyabusa Streamliner piloted by Rocky Robinson just set the New Motorcycle Land Speed Record at 376.363 mph !!!.........AND he was only in 4th gear !!!.Yep,the shifting issues prevented them from being able to shift to 5th or 6th gear.Akatiff had the thing geared for 450mph IF it could shift to 6th !!.
I was there `till the end to see it happen.What a cinderella story.All week Mike Ackatiff and the Ack Attack liner were having all sorts of issues going on,but on Saturday morning(the meet offically ended on Friday)I was over at the Ack Attack pit after the Liner came in from it`s second run(a dissapointing run of only 255mph due to shifting problems)when Mike Cook(the Organizer of the event) comes over to speak with Akatiff.Ack asks Cook "what do you want to do Mike,close the meet,finish up?." Cook replies, "What are we here for?",so Ack goes "To set a record"......Cook just gives a "Awwright then" shrug and Mike Akatiff and the Ack Attack crew got to work,stripped down the Liner and busied themselves to ready it for a record run.

They made their first pass at 8:46 am......Entry speed 326 mph,Kilo 327 mph and Exit speed was 324 mph.

Pass #2 at 9:30 was even worse,.....Entry speed 255, Mile 239.
When they got back to pits thats when the Akatiff/Cooke conversation took place.

Pass # 3 @1:47.......Entry speed 360.300...,Kilo 366.600....,Mile 366.700,Exit 373.800.
Good enough to set a record(the existing record set in 2009 by the BUB 7 was 363 mph) IF they can back it up on a return run as per FIA  rules.

Pass # 4 @ 2:42......Entry 361,Kilo 366,mile 365,Exit 369.
Not enough when you split the average.
So,they decided to scrap pass # 3 @ 1:47 and use pass # 4 @ 2:42 as their 1st run and hope that their next and final run would get enough speed to get the record.They needed to enter the timed mile at 368 mph or better.

Pass # 5 @ 4:14.....(you could cut the tension with a blunt knife at this point)......Entry 379.300 mph ...HOLY SH*T....Kilo 387.100 They`re gonna do it !!!!...........Mile 386.900 mph !!!!.......Exit Speed A whopping 394.000 MPH .......Unbelieable A NEW MOTORCYCLE LAND SPEED RECORD for the Ack Attack bike.

It really was an amazing comeback story,everyone had left the event on Friday evening,there was only Scott Horner and Jamie Williams on their "Sit On" bikes,both Suzuki Hyabusas,Jamie had already got his record of 206 mph earlier and Scott was going after his own on Saturday and the 757 Camaro,so Ack was really the last man standing.

Congratulations to the whole Ack Attack Team for their perserverance and never giving up attitude,it was a real privelage and a spectular treat to be a part of history guys.
Thanks for the book Rocky,i`m glad it was you who`s the record holder my friend,you derserve it.

Mike Akatiff and Bob.

When Rocky came in from that 4th return run,you could see the frustration all over him.

The Push..


Go Rocky Go...

This was the Rocky up at the end of the course,the New Motorcycle Land Speed Record Holder.

He even signed my tank........right below Dennis Mannings
signature(holder of the old record).

I have more pics to post later,but to finish here`s Scott Horner and his 240 mph pass from the onboard camera.He`s up to 200 mph in about 30 seconds or less!!.It got a little off course at around the 5 mile mark,it`s hard to get traction on Salt.
Ps,the sound is a little wonky at the beginning,the bike is shaking the beejaysus outa the camera...
Thanks for the vid Scott and congratulations.

For a full frame vid with the speedometer readout(which is cut off here) go to my YouTube Page.

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