Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Mike Cook Shootout,Bonneville Salt Flats Utah.. Pics from the Pits Vol 1.

So after the excitement of Rocky Robinson and Team Ack Attack keeping us all on the edge of our seats( I really DO think Rocky and Mike Akatiff had it planned this way all along) while they did battle with the Salt Gods to claim the title "Worlds Fastest Motorcycle",I accumulated quite a collection of "Pictures from the Pits".I`ll be posting these up in the following days,and also letting you know of whats coming up on Wherethehellismurph.
I would also like to thank Peg Leg Craig and his wife Laura for their donation to the site,along with my friend Garth in Fl and of course Nancy of in November before the El Mirage finals in Arizona which i`ll be covering,I am hoping to profile "The Flying Kiwi" and the Anderson family for the site,as it`s pretty big family affair.
I`m still camping at the "Bend in the Road", 4 miles from the "Boat Launch",the entrance on to the Salt,and will remain here through  World Finals,from October 6th thru the 9th.Slim and Nancy of will also be here at this event,giving you minute by minute coverage and race results.
So,thats some of whats coming up,meanwhile enjoy some "Pics from the Pits"

Amir with Steve Schmalz,builder of the "Speed By Spectre" streamliner.

Notice on the left the "Special" ice funnel for putting ice in the Intercooler.
I know it looks like a road cone,but that`s where the similarities me.

The "Special" funnel in place......

Transfer of Ice begins....

The delicate operation of filling the intercooler.
I know,I know,it looks like a broom handle but it`s another "Special" me.

Ready for launch.

This is Amir after a 404 mph run,and he was complaining that "It just wouldn`t go any faster Steve"!!.
At least he has his priorities in the right order !!.

I would like to extend a big thank you to the Speed By Spectre team for all their hospitality.

The legend himself,Kenny Hoover after I asked him to sign my tank.Kenny
is among the most experienced Landspeed drivers on the planet-literally.He`s a member of one of the most elite speed clubs in the world-the Bonneville 200 MPH Club.In addition he`s also a member of the Clubs 300 MPH Chapter.Having set or broken 40 landspeed records over the past four decades,Kenny Hoover is among the most respected landspeed drivers ever to compete.
It was a pleasure hanging with you Kenny,a real pleasure.


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