Sunday, September 5, 2010

BUB Speed Trials 2010 Day 3

"Black Lightning"

To see this behemoth in the flesh just sends shivers down my spine.It truly is an absolutely stunning feat of engineering.The sheer size of this machine is incredible,and it just flows liquid red from the front to the rear.It looks fast even standing still.From his first Streamliner build in 1992(which never made it onto the salt)Max Lambky is still out on the salt at the BUB Motorcycle Speedtrials trying to break records.This year was hampered by wind and the Streamliner gremlin.The Streamliners first run on Tuesday was 205mph with no second run completed..The following day it ran a  198mph with a second run of 178mph.
According to Max from The Vincent website :

"The primary breather line came loose,blowing oil on the slider clutch.The clutch slipped due to oil and heated up,loosening the outer diameter of the clutch seal to shaft.It worked it`s way out,throwing additional oil on the clutch.All repairs have been made.At the 5 mile,side winds of 8mph blew Hartmut(the pilot) off course and he ran the timed mile to the left of the traps,so no time given".
Max Lambky.

For those of you interested in the history of Maxs "Black Lightning" Streamliner,this page will get you up to speed so to speak.
I don`t know Max personally and he probably doesn`t remember chatting with the BMW riding Irishman on  the salt at  this years BUB,but I really hope to keep seeing him at Bonneville.Just wouldn`t be the same without you Max.


On the way down to Mile 0 on the International course,11 miles long.

Good luck Max.

The Vincent streamliner looks great from any angle.

Battening down the hatches

Taping the screw heads....

"Stainless" checking wind speed.

The Pilot Hartmut Weidelich


200 mph +


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