Monday, September 6, 2010

R.I.P. Murphs Tent.

In Memory of my Kelty.
You served me well old pal.

The day started as usual,coffee at 5:30,relish in the fact that other than "TR" in his `72 Winnabago 20ft from me,there`s no one else out here at the "Bend In The Road" untill World of Speed on the 15th.The mornings are like waking up on the moon.
So I headed into town to get some blog work done,not thinking to do a weather check.I got back at 5pm to this.
TR did his best to stop the tent from becoming airborne.
So I did my best McGuyver and tried to straighten it up to be able to get a nights sleep in what was left.

About 9pm the wind started gusting 35-40 mph....

...the wind did die down around midnight but not before destroying my Kelty.
So,time to step up to the plate and go for a Bombproof North Face tent.I`ve been holding off on spending that sort of money,but since this trip is turning into a longer one than intended,I need something more rugged.Sponsorship is looking good at this point,so an email to TNF is on the cards.Or if anyone reading and perusing this blog wants to sponsor me,at this point I will gladly accept.
Meanwhile,services are at 5pm today on the Bonneville Salt Flats,where my trusty ole Kelty will be sent on it`s final voyage. 


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