Thursday, September 16, 2010

USFRA World Of Speed 2010 Race Day 1

So things appeared to go well today.Max got the clutch sorted out,finally,got the seal issue taken care of and we`re pretty much ready to run.
Donny Angel,one of the two pilots of the Vincent Streamliner will be in the hot seat for this event.
Speaking of hot,it was another warm one on the salt but at least there`s no more wind.Today was a really perfect day to knock off a few records.
The salt is dry and from what I saw blast by me in the Vincent pits on the course,it`s pretty darn fast too.Max decided to take the Liner down at about 3:30 in the afternoon to get in line even though we still had a few more things to button up like tire pressure,check fluids,put water in the water spray tanks and one or two more little things,but because the line was so long(really really long)he knew that he`d just get a number for a morning run tomorrow.So it appears as of this afternoon we`re all systems go for a first run in the morning.
Stainless ran today with a respectable 224+ mph.He was just taking it apart to check the computer data when I saw him.
Due to the fact that I was working most of the day I don`t really have any times for you,but tonite i`ll be sure to get more info and post it up tomorrow afternoon.
Meanwhile I did manage to sneak out of the pit and snap a few pics of people and their hardware.If you`ve never been to this or any other LSR racing events that take place at the Bonneville Salt Flats,it  really is a great spectator sport.Bring your car out with a cooler,some shade,a few chairs and sit and watch all sorts of vehicles roar across the salt at up to 400 mph !!.Alotta fun.

My boss Max Lambky.

The new clutch finally in place and adjusted.

Donny Angel


This is not a position that Max is found in much these days,so Sonny says to me "Murph,get a pic of Max on his back".So boss,if you`re reading this Sonny made me do it ......really.


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