Wednesday, September 15, 2010

USFRA World Of Speed 2010 Pre Race Day.

Today was HOT and hectic on the salt.Max was trying to sort out the clutch seal issue all day.Finally he brought the Liner down to tech for inspection around 3 pm,and was out of there in an hour.Pretty quick considering.Tomorrow morning will see if the seal is fixed or not.It`s the same problem that hampered the Liners run at the BUB meet,the seal leaked and threw out oil onto the clutch plates,so no clutch.The run he made at BUB was a 190 mph run,in first gear !!!.Beacuse of the oil leak Hartmut didn`t even get it into second gear !!.So Max figures that if he gets the seal sorted out,the Liner is good for at least 250-280mph.He`s really hoping for a 300+mph run.
Anyway,some really nice hardware is starting to come into the pit area getting ready to race.Not as many motorcycles as I thought there would be,lots of twin engined Liners,saw a really nice one with two 12 Valve Cummins Turbo Diesels,probably a 275+mph run outa that rig.
Weather is looking nice for race day too,a little windy,but the salt is nice and dry,so expect some records to fall.
I`m trying to talk Max into letting me take the liner out on the first run but he`s being a little stubborn on that one.Wonder why.It`s not like I couldn`t drive it !!.
He probably has a few pre race jitters,I`ll keep workin on him.


Yea,I know,this is one of those "Caption This Pic" shots.

Thats Max Lambky on the left,the man who is "Black Lightning".
John on the right working on the new clutch basket that Max just made.

Anyway,we`ll see what happens tomorrow.Meanwhile,I trotted around the pit area while Max was down at tech inspection and took a few shots.
Peg Leg Craig left me a note wishing us good luck and asking is Donny riding this time.To be honest Craig,i`m not sure who`s piloting tomorrow.Hartmut hasn`t shown up yet,so maybe it is Donny,though I thought he was done riding that thing.I`ll let you know my friend and thanks for the well wishes.Regards to all for me Craig and appreciate you checking in on the blog. 


Did I mention that it was hot today?.
Hey Murph,just how hot was it today?.

Charles Nearburgs "Spirit of Rett" streamliner, named after his son who died of cancer.


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Hartmut Weidelich said...

Hello Murph
Just found your blog here! Thanks for the infos!!!! I don´t recall that I met you in the Lambky pit before - anyway - good to have you there helping Max and the crew. Please keep the updates coming. I wish I could be there and ride the liner again - but with your infos I know at least what is going on. Give my best wishes to Don for a real fast run! I keep fingers crossed for you all out there on the salt! GO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!