Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 SCTA World Finals Day 2 and Salt Update..

Well,Murphys law was in full force last night while I and the other racers were sleeping.I think I mentioned something about a light dusting of rain.....that wasn`t quite accurate.
The course was pretty damn wet this morning.The 3 miles from Lands End to the pits was a lake.I needed a Bass Boat,not a bike.
The course itself was better,though not what it could have been.
Two courses were prepared for racing,but because of the rain,the course closest to the pits was inoperable.
Regardless,today was a busy day.After the drivers meeting at 8 am,the line started forming at Mile 0 by 9 or so.
I was with the American Eagle 992 Streamliner untill noon,then was at gate duty untill 6 pm,so I didn`t get to do much pit picture taking,but I snuck in a few all the same.Skip decided not to run today,or rather by the time he was ready to run,30mph wind gusts come up and caused the course to be shutdown by the officals at around 3 this afternoon.So he`s going to try to run in the morning weather permitting.
Course conditions as of 4pm were not good.If it rains tonight,tomorrows racing may have to be cancelled.But,being the Salt Flats,you never can tell.
This afternoons racing was not without it`s moments either.
Danny Thompson hit some water somewhere around the 4-5 mile marker which caused the car to slip and fishtail and he ended up on his head(the car).Danny`s ok,walked away from it.I heard he was doing in the 240 mph region.
Meanwhile,some of the Salt Flats and it`s present occupants for you to peruse through.

7am Lands End.


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