Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 SCTA World Finals Tech Day and Salt Update 2

Well,after a day in the pits(literally) and changing jobs,I decided to do another posting tonight in the event that the next few days will not allow me much time to post.I lucked out today,with help from Linda(Lands End Linda,Keeper of the Gate) who hooked me up with Skip Hedrich,of  Hedrich Motorsports,who runs the 992 American Eagle Streamliner.
So now instead of working the gate,I got on as pit crew with Skip(!!).
I was actually supposed to crew for Skip at the USFRA World of Speed,but he had a breakdown,was a day late getting to the event,by which time I was on the Vincent Streamliner crew.
So between unloading the 992 American Eagle and getting it down to tech for inpection,I found time to shoot of a roll or two of film(!),so i`m posting a few pics of this afternoons festivitys tonight because my day starts tomorrow at 5am and who knows when it will end.

SALT UPDATE:The Salt looks really really good.There was no rain today on the course,but plenty of threatening clouds,which made for a wonderfull backdrop for pictures. The forecast is calling for rain tonight(they`re using the word "Numerous Showers"),but if anything it`ll probably just dust the course with a light film(at least thats what we all hope),however..........Murphys Law being what it is.......
Further deponent sayeth not.

6:30am. The road to Lands End.

Jeff Brocks wicked,chopped and sectioned Straight 8 Buick.

The Enola Gay cafe.
Can I get some salt for my fries please?.....

....Sorry,we`re out of salt.

Yep,thats a motorcycle engine.
And speaking of motorcycles there were a few really gorgeous Flatheads there.

This is Jim Hoogerhyde and Kristine Albers with their `03 GSXR 1000.
It`s already run a one way of 215 mph.

Those don`t look like factory vent holes to me....

Starting to unload the American Eagle 992.

Skip Hedrich.

So,this is a GT6 believe it or not,heavily chopped and sectioned(like you didn`t already know that)...AND it`s all steel,`cept for the giant hood.

Mark Hanson of Strangefab Metalcrafts assured me it really was nothing more that your average grocery go getter.....

.....a 350 mph Grocery Go Getter.


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