Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 SCTA World Finals Pics

The weather here in Wendover is starting to turn,36 deg this morning,time to make tracks for El Mirage in CA.The heat from my laptop while i`m posting this is thawing me out a bit,along with lots of hot coffee.I`ll be leaving next Monday or Tuesday for El Mirage and taking a slower and more scenic route rather than a straight shot.It`s less than 600 miles,but Yosemite and Death Valley are along my stop off points.
I`ve finally edited the rest of the pictures from the 2010 World Finals,so the next two postings will be the last from that event.I`m already counting the days untill next August when it all begins again with Speedweek,unless I end up on a bike trip to the Himalayas(the thought has crossed my mind).

For those who have not made the pilgrimage to the Bonneville Salt Flats,this is the view from Lands End,or where the asphalt ends and the Salt begins.The mountain in the middle is called Floating Island,to the right is the Start Line and 3 miles farther down on the left is the pit area.

Ok,so,this is a Fiat 600....circa `55 or so......

...and THIS is a Fiat 600 on Steroids.The resemblance to the original design is uncanny,no?.Anyway,it`s a really nicely built LSR machine with some impressive speeds under it`s belt.

On the start line,ready to fire up.

Hey,that thing got a Hemi?.
Damn straight Scooter.

Scenery intermission.

When you go fast,really fast,you get into THIS club.You can`t buy these shirts anywhere,you have to have a time slip that says 200 mph+ or 300 mph+.

Congratulations guys.


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gabriela diana goddessof said...

Fiat 600, LOVE IT, the old one