Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 SCTA World Finals Results

So after Thursday nights rain covering the whole track in 2-3 inches of rain,on Friday I decided not to go out to the track until today,Saturday.I just figured there`s no point in really pickling the bike in brine.I can just see myself in 6 months riding along and watching parts fall off the bike as they disintegrate from the Salt.
I`ve done my best to wash it off every day,but that Salt just gets in everywhere.But along with the rain came some spectular cloud formations,some of which I caught on film.Also,the air on Saturday was perfect for racing,as can be seen by the ERC fuel trailer Weather Board.

Perfect for some blistering record runs,and some didn`t dissapoint.
Skip Hedrich of Hedrich Motorsports got the fastest car of the meet with a one way run of 347.757 mph.Well done Skip.He was a bit,well alot dissapointed because he wasn`t able to back it up with a second run due to a burnt main chute and a few other Salt gremlins.A good run none the less Skip.
Worlds fastest A/BFR(Altered Blown Fuel Roadster)Hiboy Roadster blew through the timing lights with a Quarter mile speed of 297 mph,and a Mile speed of 304.606 mph !!!.Unfortunatly,I didn`t have my video camera with me(Doh)because this thing just sounded wicked going up the track this morning.You could just tell he was burying the pedal ALL the way through the floor.
As soon as I get all the pics downloaded i`ll have `em posted up.
The rest of the results are on the SCTA page here.
Meanwhile before I go here`s  some pictures that I shot yesterday.

This is Marty and Steve,official trash haulers of the meet.

Bob Biehler...

...and Bobs bitchin low budget 1/2 Buell,on which many of the parts are homemade.

Ok,so lets recap here.
Gas Tanks...........Free(exhaust stacks).
Frame.....................$50(recycled boat trailer)

Taking your bike to the Bonneville Salt Flats,blowing a hole in the motor
and spewing parts all over the course.................F**KING PRICLESS !!!!.


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