Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 SCTA World Finals Tech Day and Salt Update

Well,pits opened this morning at 7 am as trailers and people trickled in.
I left at 8:30 to come into town and get a Salt Update out for people keeping an eye on the Salt and racing conditions through my blog.
As of 9 am from Lands End to the Pits is a little wet,not much standing water,should be dry by noon.Course is dragged and prepped.From mile 0 to mile 2  is a little wet but no standing water.From mile two on it looks good,real good.The course needed the water to smooth out a lot of uneveness in the course from the last two events.If it dries out today,it`ll be like concrete tomorrow,so anyone undecided about coming,don`t worry,it`s gonna be fast this week,real fast.
Tomorrow,Wednesday Oct.6th,gates are open at 7am and drivers meeting is at 8am. Record runs begin,and racing after record runs until 5pm,weather permitting.
I`m working the gate for this event,so the next update will be tonite if anything drastically changes.Meanwhile,here`s a few sunrise pics,and some SCTA set up on the Salt pics.


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Heather said...

Sounds like you are having a good time in the Salt Flats. Your pictures are amazing and its good to know they are being recognized. I can't imagine how exciting it is to watch these races. When are you coming east? It's getting colder...