Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well,first off,I would like to say a very big thank you to Alan Sean for his generous donation to the site.Alan is part of "The Flying Kiwi" team as well as having his own computer tech firm.Thanks Alan.
Also,this is the last of the pics from the Loctite sponsored 2010 Mike Cook Shootout(I think).There`s probably a few more stragglers somewhere,and a few team profiles will be coming up also.Rocky Robinson,the Worlds Fastest Motorcyclist,has emailed me with a request to use some of my pictures from his successfull World Record run for his column in Motorcycle-USA magazine.
I`ve also had a request from SF Urban Moto,a San Francisco based guerrilla motorcycle magazine to use my picture of "WOZ" I took from the BUB Motorcycle Trials a few week back,it`s this shot on the Faces Of BUB post.I`ll let you know if it happens.
Today,Sunday Oct 3rd,the SCTA course officials are starting to show up to get the course dragged and resurfaced and have started marking out the pit area.A 50% chance of rain has been forecasted thru next Wednesday with 10 - 20 mph Southeast winds shifting to the South in the afternoons.Hopefully this is only a worst case scenario forecast and not going to materialize.I`ll keep the daily updates coming for those keeping an eye on the weather here.
Meanwhile Happy Sunday to all,and Hi to Garth and the gang watching football down at the beach in Ft.Lauderdale.

This is Scott Horner,who got himself a record at the Shootout,he also gave me a Video of his 240 mph run,where he drifts over to the right of the track and nearly takes the 6 mile marker home with him(!!).

Thats the beginning of the 12 mile long course on the left.

Jamie Williams,who also set a record.
Congratulations fellas.

Ken and Amir of Spectre Performance with the ice cream cheer.
They did really good this year,considering the car only debuted this year,and less than 30 days prior had made 6 record setting runs at Bonneville Speedweek.

Mike Cook,Shootout organizer...

...with Mike Ackatiff.

With Charlie of FIA.


Rocky always pack his own chute.I guess it`s the same as a paratrooper.Whether your jumping out of a plane at 20,000 ft or barrelling down a 12 mile long course at nearly 400 mph in a tube with 2 Suzuki Hyabusa high performance engines,in either case if something goes wrong your chute is your only lifeline left,so leaving it in someone elses hands is not an option.

This was the scene at the Ack Attack pit as they were waiting to see if Rocky got the record or not over the radio.At this point,you could cut the tension with a blunt fork(or is that knife)?.


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Felicia said...

Your pictures are amazing (as I have said before)! Keep up the good work...and don't get stuck in the mud!