Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BUB Speed Trials 2010 "Faces of BUB".

I met alot of interesting,creative,funny,helpfull,friendly and "Salt of The Earth" people so to speak at this years BUB Speed Trials.
Here are some of those faces and personalitys.

Emperor of the Salt Flats.

This is Bud Schmitt,the racer I ended up pit crewing for.A really spirited person,just full of life at 84.This particular morning he was on his way for a quick hike up the mountains.
The first person to race a twin engined dragster on the Salt Flats in `55 and beat Rollie Free`s record by 1 mph.
See ya next year Bud,thanks for everything.

Rachel Keown,I just liked her style and after I took her picture I bumped into her in town and spoke with her a bit.She rides a 1000 Buel XB9 and has an 143mph AMA record!!.Rock on girl.

The start line,focus and intensity.

And speaking of focus and intensity,Erin Hunter has an abundance of both.
An Executive VP by day,LSR racer by August.

And so does this lady, Felicia Anderson-Sean,sister of Craig Anderson of the Flying Kiwi,in that "Pre-race" zone.

This lady just thought my windshield sticker was cool........which it !.

Tiadra,13 yrs old with AMA records.Pretty cool.
You can see my interview with her here.

The Boyz......and gal.

The galz...they all had a hand in building and racing this really,they did !!.

The Big Kahuna,Dennis Manning,founding father of the BUB Speed Trials.
Thank you Swami for making it happen.Long may you prosper 
O Great One.

Peter,Spawn Of The Great One.

Roger and his lady.I wanted to talk more with him,there`s a story behind the "F*ck Cancer" that I wanted to find out more about.If anyone knows how to contact him,let me know please.

Do I really  have to?.
Ok then,Leslie you didn`t already know.

Ya turn yer head for one minute and look what happens !!.

Yeah yeah`s all YOUR fault anyways.

"Do these leathers make my ass look fat"?.

"Fast Eddie C"

The Legend Himself.He looks like Merlin in this shot.

James with his James.(the name of the bike stoopid).

Jill,from SF UrbanMoto.

Lou Fischer of Bonneville Stories.

Brother S,workin the course.

This is Kazutoshi Mizutani."They call me Kaz" he said.(No kiddin Kaz)All the way from Japan,just to run on the salt !!.
I`m telling you people,this place is Hallowed Ground.When you look at the Legends of Speed that have come through here and continue to do so,it`s incredible.From all over.
Anyway, this is Kaz`s website.Install a Japanese language pack,it`s pretty cool.

My man Scott Murnan.A BUB legend also.The very first rider in the RWB class(Run Whatcha Brung) stay with me here people...
On his first two days Scott was literally close to tears because "Old Blue",his `68 Shovelhead just wouldn`t get up past 95 mph.His goal was to get it up to 101mph.He was on his last run when he got "Old Blue" up to 104.449.
And then he WAS in tears at the realisation that he did it !!!.Never was there a more deserving person than Scott,a true Bonneville Legend in my book.

This is an extremly rare shot of "TR" walking "Daffy",his pet duck.
It`s an activity he does before dawn,but on this particular morning I happened to be across the bluff when I saw him come out of his camper.You can see that "Scanning the Horizon" for intruders look on his face.I was lucky he didn`t spot me.This could be my Money Shot for the Inquirer.

This is "Scout".
What can I say,i`m an animal lover.

Ok ok ok,just one more shot of Leslie.
Gawd !!!!.
You`d think y`never saw a beautifull girl in leathers on a bike going 260+ mph before !!!.

"Tower,this is Kurt.Tracey said she`ll go pick up the Pizzas now and do her return run on the way back.Over?."

" And I tole him straight up I says Listen Skippy,I put the foam on the seat as a favor,I can easily take it off ya ungratefull bastid". 


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