Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DEATH VALLEY...........adieu

Death Valley is a really beautifull  place,but for some,they really never get a chance to see and feel what it`s all about.I guess I was lucky to be able to get to camp in remote and secluded places,far away from the monsterous motorhomes with their noisy generators that are starting to invade the park.Forget about the wall along the border,they need to put a Checkpoint Charlie at most of the National Parks here in the U.S. to keep out the city and suburb Mo Rans who turn places of quiet and serene beauty  like Death Valley into Walmart car parks.
Yea,me `n the missus went "campin" in Death Valley in our 30' Motorhome,but it really sucked `cos one of the three 40" flat screen tv`s we have broke.......right in the middle of the friggin Dolphin game.....Honey,call the repairman......
Next thing y`know they`ll have ice cream stands at Grotto Canyon,or maybe a Starfucks......Yea,that`ll blend it`s way  riiiight in to millions of years of rock formations nooo problem.They just gotta pick the right color scheme.....

Ok,rant over.

Here`s the rest,or at least most of the rest of the pics from my Death Valley adventure.
I would have loved to have stayed there longer(blown up a few motorhomes).....did I just say that out loud?...and gone on some four or five day hikes like the John Muir Trail,which starts in Yosemite,goes through the Ansel Adams Wilderness,Sequioa NP,Kings Canyon NP and ends where ze pitcher above was taken,Mt.Whitney,which at  14,990 ft is the tallest peak in CONUS,but I had to get to Steamboat CO. to mi amigos Pete `n Heather before I got snowed in somewhere in Utah or Colorado.
As it is,I just squeaked in by a couple of days,as today in Steamboat,the white stuff is a couple of feet deep.
My next trip is down to the local Walmart to buy 26 packs of Golf Shoe Studs.........

Be Well



asa400 said...

Murph, nice shot of the plaque at the Dolomite Mine. You might have noticed the text of E Clampus Vitus at the bottom of the plaque. ECV, or the 'Clampers' is a fraternal historical organization in which Sean and I are both members. I'm in Julia C Bulette 1864 chapter, and Sean is from Chief Truckee. You'll see ECV plaques all over the west coast, and as far east as Utah and Arizona. A bit more info:

Anthony - Motojournalism said...

Death Valley was a real surprise, I didn't know what to expect, it was really beautiful. I was lucky enough to be there in November, off-season. There were a lot of dirt roads to check out, not a soul there, it was nice.