Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So as i`m breaking down camp,I look up,and Heavens above if there isn`t two jets havin a dice in mid-air.I never thought there was jet envy,but I guess there is.
My thrusters are bigger than yours....or sumpthin like that?.

Anyway,after a mere minute or so,the little Lear fell behind(if it was a Lear)to the big dog.
I guess he didn`t have the throttles set on "Economy" mode.

Meanwhile the sight and sand of Death Valley are behind me and it`s onward to Steamboat.Having lived in F**rida  for the past 10 years or so,snow and it`s sidekick Ice are not something familiar to me,at least not since I left Ireland.We pretty much had all the seasons there too,but did you know that Guinness is a remarkable de-icing liquid?.
Yep,not alot of people do,but all thats behind me now.
I was considering a set of snow chains for the bike,but then I thought better of it.I`ll camp out and let it pass if it comes to that.Next year a 2WD Ural Hack is on the Wish List,those things are friggin awesome.My friend Josh posted this on his FB page,`n lemme tell ya,if ANYONE from Ural or any URAL distributor is by chance reading my blog,i`m ready to ditch the 2 wheel BM Dabbleyoo for a 3 wheel Ural.....RIGHT NOW....

...the possibilities are endless.You can ride those things in ANY type of road conditons,not to mention purposely take it into any type of nasty terrain.....and not worry about getting out.

FOR SALE:2004 BMW GS Adventure.
Lovingly cared for,babied even(!!).
Never been off-road(!!),...well `cept that one time,but only for a photo shoot...

So the ones who are paying attention have probably noticed that little "Dust" spot in the upper left,right?.I purposly left the little bugger in there to let you know how much that little fuc*er has plagued me for about two months now.Every time I think I got `im, BAM..,he`s in another shot.
I could`a Photoshopped him out,but where`s the fun in that.Besides,i`m getting to like the little guy....he`s kinda like my "Wilson".

So I headed up 89 North in AZ to 163 through Monument Valley and just didn`t have the time to stay `n play.I was trying to make it to Moab to camp for the night,but as soon as the sun went down,so did the mercury.Man was it cold.The only thing heated on the bike is the grips,no heated seat,vest,nuttin,so I ended up pullin off at the Devils Campground about 70 or so miles South of Moab.

I hereby name thee "Caveman `n Bison" rock......until the snow melts that is.

On the way up to Moab is a little town called "Mexican Hat",just a few miles over the Utah AZ line on 163.
And yes,it gets it`s name from this rock formation.

Nobody knows who Ginny Roberts was,I asked.`s it goin Wilson.

Hey Wilson,wanna go to Arches National Park with me?.

So on the way down from "Windows" in Arches,I got treated to the most spectular sunset.Just stunning.

Be Well



vincent said...

Ah! the Mexican Hat
I took some funny shot there, and Monument Valley...
one of my favourite spot.

Linda said...

Ahhh....The beautiful sunsets!!!

Ria M. said...

A real treat to meet you under the sunset-lit Turret Arch -- thank you for all of the inspiration! Your photographs are astounding, and I'm so grateful to have met you and heard of your adventures. Good luck and great joy on all of your journey.


Anthony - Motojournalism said...

Hey that's great to see a familiar place through different eyes. The Ginny cross, the rock formations. I rolled through there last year on my way south.

Charlie6 said...

really nice shots in Monument Valley and Mexican Hat sir!


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