Saturday, November 27, 2010

The W.T.H.I.M "Where Am I' contest......

Since temperatures have been in the negative here in Steamboat for the last three or four days(-15 or so) which has already killed my battery,i`ve had to slow down a little until the new battery gets here to me.
I`ve been thinking about running a contest  for a bit and now seems as good a time as any to run the first of many "Where Am I" contests.
The rules are pretty simple.

1.The contest is only open to followers or members of  W.T.H.I.M blog.
If you`re not a follower,sign up.It only takes a minute.

2.If you`re a personal friend of mine with whom i`ve already discussed locations with,..........disqualified,(Sorry Tom).

Thats it for rules.Each contest will have it`s own set of criteria regarding the location specifics,some will call for an area,others will call for a specific Hwy or Intersection.

In this first contest there will be 5 questions over 5 days,some pertaining to a location,and a few questions that come from previous posts of where i`ve been.

The first 10 people to respond with the correct answers to all the questions will recieve a signed B&W or Color print of their choice from my travels.

The contest will start on Monday,November 29,2010 and end at midnight (MT) Friday,December 3rd 2010.
Pictures or questions will be posted by 8 am, Mountain Time each day for five days.
Please include your Follower name with your email.
Thats it,easy,right?.

Let the games begin........


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