Sunday, January 30, 2011

Upcoming:1928 INDIAN SCOUT Barn Find.....and JAMES BALBONI.

UPCOMING POST:Tom Bensons 1928 Indian Scout Barn Find

The piece of white cloth beside the tiller is covering a 1928 INDIAN SCOUT,a barn find by my friend Tom Benson.You can just make out a back wheel.It`s a one family one owner bike.He`s sending me some more shots and info on it,so i`ll have it up for the next post.Stay tuned.

Meanwhile,after posting about
Jaco Pastorius,I got quite a bit of email from people,some who remembered him play down there in Ft.Lauderdale,and others just to thank me for posting about him.Fond memories I guess.
So,I thought i`d stay in a S.Fl frame of mind,even though i`ve departed from S.Fl and am in CO right now working on the bike.
My friend James Balboni is a great maratime photographer,so I thought i`d put up some of his work here.He works on one of the big tugs in the Port Of Fort Lauderdale,but his passion is his pictures.

Don`t know if this is Jimmys tug,but he caught this lightning strike just perfect.

Shrimp`s up.
Well,what else would you cook in the galley of a tugboat,right?.

Now this is really great shot.
The Blue Angels from an Air and Sea show a few years back.

If you happen to have a 100,000 ton ocean going vessel,you might bump into Jimmy,literally.
Otherwise,go to his website,or keep an eye out for him out and about in Fort Lauderdale.
Thanks Jimmy.Fantastic shots,wicked good.


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