Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1928 INDIAN SCOUT................Barn Find.


My friend Tom Benson has an Indian Restoration business that he operates in Montana.He also builds and restores powerplants for said bikes.So a while back,maybe fifteen or twenty years back,he heard a rumor of a one family Indian Scout stored in the area somewhere,but didn`t really do much about it,until a few months ago.

Tom Benson

When the original owner died,his son put the bike away in the basement of their house in New York.Then came a move to another state,and the bike followed,to be put away again in the resting place that you see here where Tom found it.

Finds like this are becoming a rarity,especially in this condition.Most have already been molested or restored.
If it were restored,it would be worth less.
Unfortunatly the gas tank was repainted,hence the lack of the Indian tank logos and stripes.

And speaking of Indian Motorcycles,as I was researching on some sort of stabilizers or skis for my bike to be able to ride in the snow and stay upright,I came across this:

Indian made these skis as an aftermarket item for the bikes in the fifties I believe.Instead of resting your feet on the footrest,you pushed them down on the skis,and voila,you`re staying upright in the snow.
I already have the plans drawn up for a set for the Beemer.


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Charlie6 said...

Murph....back before my sidecaring days...I'd run across the pic you show of the Indian with the's more of such:

skis for bikes

skis for a bmw gs

the first, skis for bikes


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