Monday, April 25, 2011

Road to the 2011 N.O.R.R.A Mexican 1000

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I'm starting to get things organized for the N.O.R.R.A. Mexican 1000,which starts May 4th in Mexicali,Baja California.
The Mexican 1000 was started in the 60's by Ed Pearlman who also co-founded the National Off-Road Racing Association(N.O.R.R.A.) and the Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame.
In 1967 Don Francisco joined Ed Pearlman and a group of other Cali based off-road enthusiasts in founding N.O.R.R.A.,and establishing the inaugural Mexican 1000 in 1967.
Ed Pearlman and Don Francisco

The N.O.R.R.A. Mexican 1000 is a rally style competition held in three stages over three days on the Baja peninsula.
N.O.R.R.A. was the organization that promoted the first racing on the Baja peninsula,and the Mexican 1000 was designed to be a slightly more relaxed form of racing and make it possible for average enthusiasts to participate on a small budget.
Maybe next year i'll put the Beemer in,who knows.
Course and stage maps I will put up in a few days,as changes are still being made according to Michele at N.O.R.R.A.I should get them by Tuesday.

Meanwhile,i'll be leaving out of Boulder tomorrow morning for Durango and another visit with The Pope,who before I left on the last visit gave me a gift.....
Not having read Abby before he told me to start on "The Monkey Wrench Gang" first,and left me a note on the inside cover...
Pope,you're a good friend to have.Thank you.

Then it's on to Prescott Valley for another visit with Alan and Felicia Sean,and a new set of tires from Scott Conley over at Kriega,thank you very much Scott,and another wheel bearing to replace.No biggie,just routine stuff from pickling the bike in salty brine at Bonneville last year.
Oh,and thanks to Alan who helped me get a Y-pipe,a catalytic converter eliminator if you will,which really does nothing more than reduce the bike weight by about 16lbs(yea,the cat on those bikes weighs that much),and stops your feet from roasting in the summer.So the weight reduction alone should make a huge difference,now I can carry 16lbs more STUFF !!!.
While I was in Prescott a few weeks ago getting the front wheel bearings pulled,on one of the bike lifts was a really neat old skool Norton based chopper..........

.....I like stuff thats just a little different.I did one of these back in Ireland and used a '68 Triumph T-100,I had it sold before I finished it to "Tiny",one of the Dublin H A's.

Last week on the way up to Frisco on Hwy 133 I came across the remnants of the Redstone Coke and Charcoal kilns....

An eerie reminder of days gone by.
Colorado Hwy 133 is a really nice road to travel,it goes through a lot of the mining and coal country.The Colorado Fuel and Iron Company constructed the ovens in 1899,during a period of expansion in the processing of coking coal brought about by the increased demand from the regions smelting industry.The Redstone ovens are also an important engineering resource,representing a type of industrial structure no longer in use and rapidly disappearing from the West.

And South West is where I point myself on Tuesday.

Until then......


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