Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guest Post on FTW100 on The NORRA Mexican 1000....

I was invited to do a guest post on the FTW100 blog,so i'd like to direct your attention to their page,as this will suffice as my post on here as well for today.A big thanks to Jon for inviting me.

I also have an announcement of sorts to make.As of a few days ago,and thanks to Alan Sean of Computer Network Solutions in Arizona,I managed to get the website secured,so in time I will be moving from Blogger over to the new website(in time,not right away).I will more than likely keep the blogspot going as I really like the other blogs that are linked in my "Blogs I Follow" link.
I'm looking forward to developing the website over the next few months or so,and when i'm ready to move everything completely,I will let everyone know.I'm really amazed and ecstatic that this "Trip" or "Journey" has reached the point that it has,I never set out for this to happen to begin with,I just threw up the dice and let them fall where they may,and continue to do so,and I have not been disappointed yet.
A very big "Thank You" to all who have,and are following along,I am truly honored that you find pleasure and enjoyment in my photography and dispatches.

As more entrants and vehicles roll in tonight I will be taking pictures to do a few more posts before getting on the road and riding down with the race to Bay Of LA for Day 1.Between here and there,I doubt I will be able to do much posting,it will probably have to wait until I get to La Paz.

Meanwhile,I hope you enjoy FTW 100 and my guest post.

As Always....



Charlie6 said...

Good stuff Murph! I'm looking forward to your website.


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Kristina said...

I just love this blog!! The images are so creative and really capture the people, excitement and vibe of the race! Great story Murph :))