Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 2011 NORRA Mexican 1000...............images Pt II.

Casa Diaz,early morning and the start of Day 2.

 A little later,Sea of Cortez heading south on Mex 1.

Only(!!)2 Special Stages on day 2,but a total of 300 off-road miles.Bob Land had warned me of the Special Stages(125 miles and 175 miles respectively) the night before,asking if my intention was to run them.He said Day 1 was nothing compared to the Day 2 Stages and he strongly advised against me running it.Since I live on my bike full time as opposed to having it as a weekend warrior,I opted to take his advice and the Hwy all the way to Loreto.This was the day that did the damage to Bobs Jeep,so I think I made the right choice.I do appreciate Bob and the crew looking out for me though,thanks fellas.

So I had to go back out of Bay of LA ,head north and west to pick up Mex 1 to go south to Guerrero Negro,then to San Ignacio,down through Santa Rosalia to Mulege,and from there it was a straight run down to Loreto for the end of Day 2.

Bay of LA,line up for the start of Day 2.

Bob Lands 38 Jeep off the start line in Bay of LA,Day 2.

An '89 Honda CR.I like the extra fuel cells on the front.

Tito Tinoco  and Melissa Eickhoff Smith in the #61 Bronco.

This is........oh never mind,it's on the door.

#29 "The Lost Boys" '73 AMC Hornet.

Michele Martineau,extraordinary woman...........really.

Thank you for all your help and support through the event Michele,and thanks for a place to stay in La Paz.

BFI Racing"s '71 Chebby Suburban.

Waiting for the start of Day 2,Bay of LA.

A lot of guys got the crap kicked out of them and their vehicles,so the parking lot of the back of La Mission,the NORRA HQ and Hotel of choice for most of the racers,was a hive of activity,including but not limited to Bob Lands Jeep and crew who worked until after midnight to get the Jeep ready for Day 3.

#14,Syko,blew a power steering pump after Special Stage 1.

"The top just blew right off the damn thing" he said.They could only thread 3 bolts back in,hence the bar across two of the holes.

Day 2,just like Bob Land warned me,was taking casualties 'n dropping 'em like flies.

Day 2 was a constant battle of repairs.

The got me out of a bind here,thanks fellas.

All in all,Day 2 saw a lot of exhausted drivers and riders in Loreto,but a night of repairs was needed for most to continue on to Day 3.

'Till then...



Charlie6 said...


great shots!

question, that rolling trip map, is it slaved to the odometer to track things?


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WhereThe HellisMurph said...

Dom,thanks friend for the compliments.
No,that particular Road Book reader is manual,although you can get electronic ones,though not in sync with the ODO,at least not that i'm aware of.Now that i've said that without researching it,you may be 100% correct.......

....This comment is open for update pending some further research !!!!