Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 NORRA Mexican 1000..........'till next year.

Day 3,and for me a straight shot down Mexico 1 to La Paz.I wanted to get there ahead of the rally and be at the finish line all set up ready to shoot  with Nikons blazing.
So after haulin azz on the nearly 400 mile ride from Loreto to La Paz,I arrived only to find........
...the start of another 500 mile race going north.So I had to wait for an hour or so before I could go past the nice policemen and down to the Finish line for the NORRA rally that hadn't even been set up yet !!!.
I mean REALLY ??........

However,once I did finally get there.....
....Maria y Maria came over and gave me their best 'Bienvenidos a La Paz Senor Murph' hugs.
Thanks Maria,sorry I was late,traffic was a bitch.

So the next morning Maria y........ohh.....wait......,never mind.
That afternoon,yea,thats right,later on that afternoon the first NORRA competitor arrived,but because there were time penalties,they had to sit up about 20 yards before the finish line to kill some time.
Meanwhile the temperature was getting out of hand,like really out of hand.I think it went up to 108 that day,if it didn't it sure felt like it did.Between the heat and Maria y Maria,I had a hard time keeping my big 600mm steady.

Meanwhile back at the finish line......

Racing legend Larry Rossler.

One by one,then two by two,then in clumps of three or four the competitors trickled down to the Finish Line,exhausted,their cars having been pushed to the limits......and then some,but all with a huge big grin on their faces having made it to La Paz and the end of the rally.
For some it was their first time,others were repeating a run they made in last years Mexican 1000,just over a different route.

This is a before pic of Larry and Emme Halls 1970 Vee Dubyah...

...and this is how it looked on Day 3 after a spec TAC ular flip and roll job,close call from what I heard,flipped and rolled three or four or more times.

The checkpoint time sticker held the windshield together for a bit.............classic Baja right there.

There were many many more stories of great happenings throughout the event,more than I know,so I leave you with some of the faces of the 
2011 NORRA Mexican 1000.

Really.......I mean REALLY ??.

Tito Tinoco enjoying some  Azunia Tequila at the finish line.Azunia Tequila were one of the sponsors of the event and the drivers meeting and made sure that very team got a bottle  of Azunia Tequila at the finish line.Jim Riley,owner of Azunia Tequila was also the driver for the Snortin Nortins Chevy Nova owned by Rick Johnson....

Even the Nova runs on Azunia Tequila.

I myself ran on Tequila for quite a number of years.

This shot is a special one for me.
It was late,all the competitors had come and gone a hours before,but I decided to wait until the last one had come across the finish line.
I thought,y'know,if it were me,and if I broke down on the course somewhere and had wait hours to get towed back to cross the finish long after the official end time had come and gone,it'd be nice to have someone there to document the fact that I made it and say "Congrats,and welcome to the finish".
Well,thats exactly what happened to Anthony McCullough on his '87 Husqvarna 500 XC.He broke down 100 or so miles before the finish,and his team had to drive out and pick him up.By the time they arrived at the finish line,the party had  begun hours earlier,but I think you'll agree,the smile on Anthonys face pretty much says it all.It makes me very glad that I waited for you,well done Anthony and team 94.

To all the staff and competitors involved in the 2011 NORRA Mexican 1000 rally,it was a pleasure to be a part of your event.

And as always.......


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Brady said...

The rest of the photos were good, but the one of you with the welcoming senoritas would have been enough for me. Yikes.

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